Fashion sunglasses 2015

Fashion sunglasses 2015

Fashion for sunglasses every year is acquiring new trends. Today in fashion, brightness, eccentricity, but at the same time restraint. Fashion sunglasses 2015 - a contrast of shiny inserts on a matte basis, shine metal, the original frame.

Fashionable sunglasses of 2015 attract, first of all, their originality and unusual shapes. In particular, in the next season, models with a triangular, oval or square frame will become relevant. At the same time, choose such an accessory is very carefully, taking into account the type of your face. Those who have a narrow chin, are more suitable models of oval or rounded shape. Chubby girls and women can choose their glasses with a square or rectangular frame.

Oversize Sunglasses

Another fashion trend of 2015 is large, as if not in size, glasses with opaque glasses in the style of oversize, classics or neo-modern. In addition, the so-called "cat's eye" glasses are still relevant, which almost any representative of the fair sex can adorn regardless of the type of her face. Fans of this fashion trend next season will discover a lot of new things. The designers prepared a lot of surprises for them.

Fashion Aviator Glasses

In 2015, we also expect a spectacular return to the fashion podiums of the famous aviator glasses. And although they differ conservatism and minimalist design, it is this trendy trend that will emphasize your vivid personality. However, it is important to be sure that such an accessory really suits you. Aviator glasses are very convenient and practical. This form of glasses is often found in new collections of D & G, Gucci, Paul Smith, Ungaro, Versace, etc. They seem to resemble "droplets", which are connected by a thin crossbar on the bridge of the nose. Very attractive looking aviators with mirrored glasses.

Sunglasses with tinted glasses

If everything is clear with dark sunglasses, one modern fashionista can do without them, then you can not say about models with tinted glasses. Perhaps 2015 will allow you to discover exactly these sunglasses. Moreover, at the peak of popularity in this season, models with the effect of ombre or the transition from darker shades to lighter. We meet this technique in the design of clothes, make-up, hair coloring, manicure, etc. This trend is clearly evident in the new collections of fashion glasses from the famous Roberto Cavalli and Valentino.

Fashionable transparent glasses

Sunglasses, which will be relevant in 2015, can have absolutely transparent lenses. And although the quartz glass used in them does not let sunlight pass through, it is better to wear such an accessory not in sunny weather, but on cloudy days or even at night. Elegant transparent glasses perfectly complement any business image, they can be worn for work or for business meetings. This is an accessory for creating an image, rather than for protection.

Dark glass light frame

"Tortoise" glasses are the most fashionable coloring for this year. The glasses have a gleam of brown, green, orange tones, the closest to nature. These glasses are very suitable for blondes, as well as for clothes in light brown and sand tones. In these glasses you will look irresistibly on the sandy beach.

Fashionable novelty of 2015 - a sunglasses, with dark glasses and a light frame. Designers offered a wide variety of models in which muted and highlighted shades of yellow, purple, red, orange are accentuated by dark brown or black glass lenses. The shape of the frame is mostly similar to the so-called broulayers, however, due to the light shade, it looks much softer and more elegant.

Points-masks are still in fashion this season. The frame of the glasses-masks can be either massive or lighter.

Lovers of round shapes in the style of John Lennon can safely wear their favorite glasses in the fashionable season 2015. This year, models of spectacles with round shapes are presented in a strict, concise design, in most cases with a thick frame.

Thus, 2015 is the season of new discoveries for us in the fashion world, including sunglasses.

How to choose the shape of sunglasses

Even the most fashionable sunglasses will look ridiculous, if not conform to the shape of your face. With the help of glasses you can hide the small flaws of the face and emphasize the dignity.

No less important role in the choice of glasses is also played by the color of the frame. If your skin and hair have a warm golden hue, buy glasses with a golden or bronze rim. If on the contrary, you have a cold color , you will look good silvery glasses, platinum or white gold.

To correctly choose sunglasses according to the shape of the face, pay attention to your type of face .

- If you have an elongated face shape , you will be suitable for large frames with a low fixation of the temples.

- With a round, broad face , a narrow form of glasses with rectangular panes fits.

- For a square face, glasses of round or rectangular elongated shape are suitable.

- If you have a small nose , you are better off wearing glasses with nose pads.

- When buying women's sunglasses, make sure that the upper part of the rim is on the same line with your eyebrows or slightly lower, but in no case higher.

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