Application for nails

Application for nails

Appliques for nails are very popular. For this, glitters, various ornaments (even from precious metals), rhinestones (small plastic or glass stones) are used.

Separately it is necessary to allocate bndises - these are small flat ornaments for nails or ready patterns from rhinestones. They are good because they can be used many times.

Neil designers are as sophisticated as they can: they use dried flowers, seed beads, pebbles, shells, feathers for appliques ... It is especially fashionable if the feather is glued to the very tip of the nail and goes beyond it.

Neil-designers literally do not know the boundaries: with the help of henna or special markers for tattoos, they continue to set the theme on their fingers.

The applications last longer on nails or tips, since the "artificial" nail plate is not so mobile and elastic. For the same reasons, do not make a complicated composition on all your fingers - limit yourself to one.

How to make an applique

Apply the substrate, then 2-3 layers of varnish (or a clear layer of acrylic). Place the appliqué on the nail, lightly immersing it in the lacquer, and press it. When the varnish dries, cover the resulting composition with one or two layers of fixer.

Home nail design: simple lessons of fashion manicure

If you are a creative person, and you are full of bright ideas, you will like such a creative and useful lesson as a home design of nails. This is one way to harmlessly change your image and reflect your mood in appearance ...

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