Nail Piercing

piercing of nails

Piercing of nails - earrings on nails

Piercing - piercing various parts of the body (from earlobes to the navel) reached and nails. This is practically painless procedure. Most often pierce the nail on the little finger of the left hand, considering it the most distant from work.

For nyl-piercing rings, kulonchiki, chains, gold and silver "droplets" are used. Extravagant ladies can pick up a ring with a pendant: from the ring there is a chain with a pendant that is threaded into the hole of the nail. Thus the whole finger is decorated.

For nail piercing, artificial nails are more suitable, since a natural nail plate can be damaged. And if you want to pierce the "native nails", first strengthen them with a tool based on acrylic - it can do in any salon.

Do not try to do nail-piercing yourself! Go to the salon: there you will make a hole with a mechanical or electric drill on the protruding tip of the nail. Then it will be inserted in the ornament and securely fixed from the inside of the nail.

Home nail design: simple lessons of fashion manicure

If you are a creative person, and you are full of bright ideas, you will like such a creative and useful lesson as a home design of nails. This is one way to harmlessly change your image and reflect your mood in appearance ...

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