How to build hair. Hair extension

How to build hair. Hair extension

If by nature you do not have luxurious curls, or just want to fix an unsuccessfully made haircut, then hair extension is the quickest way to solve these problems. This procedure allows for just one visit to the hairdressing salon to buy beautiful curvy hair and completely change the image, without resorting to the help of chemical agents used for waving and highlighting. In addition, with the hair extensions can be given the will of boundless imagination to create a style of hairstyle and to realize the most daring designs that give you a unique image.

Ways of hair extension

Currently, there are two ways to build hair - cold and hot. Cold method involves gluing strands to your hair with a glue compound developed by special technology, hot - "soldering" capsules with strands using special tools. Both methods give a remarkable effect if performed in the salon of an experienced craftsman who, with the help of professional equipment, can build strong and voluminous hair of the required length in 2-3 hours.

On what hair can you build?

A necessary condition for building up is the length of your own hair at least 20 cm. But do not despair and owners of short hair. In this case, the salon can be offered a choice of either an elongated voluminous hair style 40-50 cm long in the form of steps, or a creative lacerated haircut with an elongation if the hair is very short.

Stretched hair can have a variety of colors chosen by you, they can also be painted in the right color and toned

It can be perfectly safe and painless for your own hair to remove socks after the end of the period.

It should be remembered that behind the hair extensions you need a certain care , which involves the use of a special shampoo and comb for neat combing of the strands.

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