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Home nail art

Home nail art

- are synonyms, meaning the art of nail decoration (natural or accretive). It has long been known that nails can become a real decoration for a woman, an accessory, an excellent addition and all this is possible with the help of a master who owns the art of decorating nails (nail art).

Many people know the feeling when you want to change something not crucially, but it's original, then the idea of ​​nails with which you can experiment, fantasize and without particularly risking comes. You can decorate your nails with rhinestones, glitter, foil, lace, water-acrylic paints (art nails painting), varnishes, acrylics and gels.

The design of nails includes also piercing , more often pierce artificial nails, although the holders of strong and strong natural nails do not miss the opportunity to make a small highlight in their image. In general, pierce the nail on the little finger or the ring finger of the left hand, so that the ornaments do not interfere with the work.

The design of nails is not only different pictures, stickers on nails, but also professional lacquer application, french extensions (bright white tip), colored jacket (the tip has different shades from pink to black).

Conventionally, the design of nails can be divided into three groups:

1) Art nails painting

The most common technology of artistic nails painting is quite simple: drawing a drawing with water-acrylic paints, varnishes on the surface of natural or accreted nails covered with varnish with the help of special brushes, sticks or needles. The result of the work depends on the imagination of the master, his professionalism. The idea you can offer yourself, because the master can not always guess your desires. In flat design, you can use foil, lace, micro-gloss, sand for nail art, the main thing is that this design is flat, not bulging and does not interfere with the work.

three-dimensional design of nails

2) Three-dimensional design

More often in demand, if you are going to a reception, a wedding, in general for an event. In voluminous design, colored acrylic powders and gels are used to sculpt any decorative elements, for example, petals, flowers - roses, tulips, chamomiles, cornflowers, and even small men, beetles and spiders. The design itself is performed on a finished accretive or natural nail. There are two technologies of volumetric design, the first is similar to a planar design, only acrylic powders and gels are used instead of water-acrylic paints and varnishes and the figure is more convex. The second technology, when a composition is collected from separate elements, for example a volumetric rose is assembled from several separate petals, then the flower becomes three-dimensional.

aquarium nail design

3) Aquarian design

One of the types of nail art, when the composition on the nails is as if behind a convex "glass". With aquarium design, all means for nail art are used, such as rhinestones, foil, dried flowers, paints, acrylic powders and gels. Aquarium design is performed on artificial nails. Technique: the master prepares the nails for extension, spreads a thin layer of modeling material, then applies a certain pattern using the harvested materials, then covers the nail with modeling material, forming it according to all modeling rules. Then the nail is filed, polished and polished, that is, it acquires a natural appearance. To touch such a nail is as smooth as without design. Aquarium design is very durable, you'll wear it as much as your nails. On top of such a nail can be covered with varnish, and removing the varnish, you will see a nearly unchanged pattern.

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