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Kamifubuki: fashion ideas for nail design

Manicure with kamifubuki won incredible popularity. This stylish decor on the nails is not difficult to perform at home. You only need to choose the right scale.

Knitted manicure "Sweater": stylish patterns with your own hands

"Knitted sweater" can be worn not only on long, but also on short nails. These original patterns will make your image more gentle, and winter - warmer.

Nails design "Cat's Eye": how to draw, photo gallery

Manicure in the style of "Cat's Eye" has become one of the popular trends in nail design. Three-dimensional volume of nails and shine will be appropriate at any party.

Design of nails with the effect of "broken glass"

Glass manicure has already managed to win positions on fashionable modums. Incredible shine and resemblance to the shape of a diamond turn nails into an expensive decoration.

New Year's Nail Design 2018 in the Year of the Dog

New Year's nail design 2018 is a bright work of art on your hands that creates an atmosphere of celebration and magic.

perfect manicure

Perfect manicure with your own hands

Beautiful and well-groomed hands are a real decoration of every self-respecting woman. To make a fashion manicure you can use the services of a master in a beauty salon, but it is much more interesting to learn how to do it yourself.

Lunar calendar of manicure and pedicure 2017 - 2018

Astrologers are convinced that there are days when a manicure can positively influence our life, but there is a period when it is not worthwhile to deal with nails. Lunar calendar of manicure and pericure will help you to register in the salon on the most favorable day.

French manicure

French manicure: do it yourself

One of the most popular types of manicure, a unique example of classics and style, was and is the French manicure. It is easily applied, returns to the nails a beautiful and well-groomed appearance and, importantly, perfectly matches with any style of clothing.

Nail design: home lessons

If you are a creative person, and you are full of bright ideas, you will like such a creative and useful lesson as a home design of nails. This is one of the ways to harmlessly change your image and reflect your mood on the external appearance.

Essential oils for nails: medicinal properties, recipes for masks and baths

Essential oils - the fastest and most pleasant way to bring your nails in order. They are used in the form of aromathecines, masks and applications. Here are the most popular recipes.

Manicure for Valentine's Day with hearts

The design of nails on a festive theme is the latest squeak of fashion. To admit to the beloved in the feelings the fashion manicure will help.

Hardware manicure at home: a master class

The article presents a training master-class on the implementation of the hardware manicure. A detailed description of the process gives an insight into how a hardware manicure looks and performs it yourself.

piercing for nails

Nailpiercing - earrings on nails

It turns out that the piercing procedure can not only pierce the earlobe, the tip of the nostril or the navel. Quite effectively looks piercing on the nails. It is best to subject this procedure to the nail on the little finger of the left hand, which is considered the most inoperative.

How to grow nails fast

Natural long and beautiful nails are a kind of standard of fashion and style and a dream of every modern lady. Often it is not possible to grow nails of the required length in a short time in view of various reasons, but there are still several ways ...

nail polish

Varnish for nails: types, composition, properties, quality

Varnishes for nails vary in their color, composition and properties. It is desirable to choose lacquers of well-known manufacturers and with expired shelf life.

Waterfall design of nails

Waterfall design of nails combines the latest achievements in the field of modeling artificial nails. The combination of acrylic and gel creates the effect of a three-dimensional image, which produces an unforgettable impression.

nail extensions with biogel

Nail extensions: acrylic, gel, biogel. Advantages and disadvantages of materials

There are several ways to increase the nails, depending on the technology and the material used. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. The choice of the method of building up is determined by obtaining the desired result and depends only on you!

Hand Care

Hand Care: Homemade Recipes

The skin of the hands needs special care, since it largely determines the appearance of the woman. We bring to your attention some folk recipes for home skin care for hands.

Home care for nails

Home care for nails

Beautiful and well-groomed nails are a perfect addition to the image of a modern business lady. However, not always the network time to visit the salon. In this case, time-tested folk methods for nail care - massage, baths and masks - will come to the rescue. Easy to master them, you will achieve an amazing effect!

Manicure on short nails

Well-groomed short nails look no less stylish than long ones. All kinds of fashionable nyl-design can be easily executed on any length. In terms of comfort, this manicure has many advantages for a housewife.

nail care

Nail art design - nail art

Neil-art is a real and unique art of nail decoration, regardless of whether they are natural or accretive. Using the services of an experienced master, you can get on your hands these masterpieces.

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