Hardware manicure: a step-by-step master class

The hardware is a kind of manicure, in which removal of the cuticle is carried out by a special tool with diamond nozzles-cutters.

With the help of such a manicure you can very carefully handle the skin of hands, nails and problematic, layered nails, dry skin with a rough cuticle.

A distinctive feature of the hardware manicure is the release of the cuticle from the dead cells without damaging it. Manipulation is carried out with the help of a special device with fast rotating replaceable grinding nozzles. It is recommended for damage to the structure of the nails and when the surface of the nail plate is leveled.

How to make a manicure at home

The technique of execution includes the following operations:

1. Removal of nail polish.

2. Apply a softening agent to the cuticle.

3. Removal of dry areas of skin and processing of lateral ridges of the finger.

4. Cuticle removal.

5. Smoothing of dry calluses on the palms.

6. Grinding and polishing of nails.

7. Massage of hands with the application of oil or cream.

The apparatus manicure is performed exclusively on dry skin, completely untravmatical, provided that the processed nails are not injured and the skin is not inflamed. But still it is better to do it in the salon of an experienced master on professional equipment. The recommended frequency of the procedure is 1 time in 2 weeks.

Hardware manicure: special attachments

Hardware manicure is more of an additional procedure that allows you to fix the surface of the nail and its shape.

Classical manicure involves the use of scissors, trimming - the use of a special apparatus, at the end of which the necessary attachments are installed (see photo).

The procedure is safe and gentle, when it does not appear cracks or cuts on the skin - this is the general characteristic of the trim type of manicure. For a well-groomed type of hands, such a manicure a month is enough to spend two times.

Master class of performing manicure

The proposed master class is described in steps and allows you to perform a manicure at a professional level.

1. First, you need to release the nail from the old coating with a nail polish remover. The cuticle is treated with a special attachment in the form of a rubber hoof or a wooden stick. It is pushed back to the lateral ridges, which are located around the nail.

After that, a nozzle having an average roughness of treatment, remove the peeled skin and treat around the nail zone. If the palms have calluses, they are smoothed with a low abrasive nozzle.

2. The free edge of the nail is treated with a special nozzle, it is given the necessary shape. In the event that the nail plates are injured or the skin is inflamed, such a manicure is not performed.

3. Polishing of the nails is done with appropriate attachments, touching the nail with its edge, since you can leave scratches.

4. After complete treatment of the nails, the cuticle and hands are massaged with massage movements and the cream is rubbed and the nails are varnished. In some models of devices for manicure there is drying for varnish, which speeds up the work process.

Rules for using the device for manicure:

    the apparatus in your hand should be held like a pencil;
  • When using the device for the first time, switch on the device at the lowest speed;
  • the nozzles can not be pressed against the surface that is being processed;
  • processing the cuticle and lateral ridges, the nozzle is held at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • The device moves from the center of the nail to the edge and does not stay in place;
  • it is necessary to periodically turn off the device, giving it a rest.

The main advantages of a hardware manicure is a long period of well-groomed nails and a slow growth of the cuticle. Also, this type of hand care is ideal for artificial nails.

But it is worth remembering that it is necessary to use the device only after training and getting work skills, otherwise it can be harmful to bring harm to the nails.

How to choose a device for hardware manicure

On sale there are many devices for hardware manicure at home. They have different power (home - the speed of rotation nozzles to 10 thousand revolutions, professional - over 30 thousand revolutions per minute) and completely different price category.

There are devices for processing artificial and natural nails.

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