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Design of nails "Cat's Eye"

Design of nails "Cat's Eye" has become one of the popular modern trends in manicure. A special charm is given to this type of nail design by an iridescent strip that appears in the center of the nail. It enhances the depth of color and creates a 3-d volumetric effect. Get such a stunning effect was possible with a magnetic varnish. A special formula varnish under the influence of a special magnet forms a luminous strip in the center of the nail, which resembles a cat's eye.

The "Cat's Eye" manicure owes its name to the jewel stone of the cymophane, which has the property of concentrating light in one line. People call the stone a cat's eye, as it seems that when you rotate, it changes focus and follows you.

Nail design cat's eye looks volume and very stylish, so it will be appropriate at any gala evening. Create it is very simple. In a special gel-lacquer contains microparticles of metal, which under the influence of a special magnet themselves form on the nail 3-d patterns. Today, the magnetic varnish can create not only a vertical line. Manicure "Cat's Eye" can look like stars, waves, diagonals. To create such an effect, it is not necessary to buy several varnishes, only additional magnets are needed, which are sold separately.

Palette of magnetic lacquers with the effect of "Cat's Eye"

Magnetic varnishes are produced in a rich color palette, so every fashionista will choose a shade for everyone along with her taste. Each shade under the influence of light plays differently, but the most beautiful and saturated patterns are manifested with dark blue, green and maroon varnishes.

Nail Design Options Cat's Eye

The design of the nails "Cat's Eye" looks very beautiful and rich in itself, but it can also serve as a basis for your creativity. This manicure is fashionable to supplement with stones, rhinestones and other decorative elements of nail art.

Cat's Eye with Rhinestones

Rhinestones today at the peak of popularity, and the design of the cat's eye they are used very actively. Your task is to choose the right rhinestones according to the color and size to create a harmonious union with the color of the varnish. It is important to withstand the measure and not make a mistake with the emphasis. With such a manicure you will look great on any holiday evening. Imperceptible small pebbles can be quite appropriate for your daily image.

With the help of magnetic gel-varnishes it is very fashionable today to create a stretch of color on the nails. The ombre effect - one of the trendy trends of this season looks very stylish and modern.

Cat's eye with patterns

The design of the cat's eye can be original combined with small patterns, flowers, stars. Those who can not draw, can use stickers, which allow you to get a picture of any complexity. Patterns are recommended to be placed not on the entire surface of the nail, but on the side or at the base, so as not to cover the three-dimensional effect of the magnetic varnish.

When creating a manicure with a magnetic lacquer instead of a magnet, you can use the dot. If you apply a few lines over fresh lacquer, you will get unique patterns that resemble a natural stone. With small artistic skills, you can get a pattern of reptile skin in this way.

Lunar manicure

The design of the nails "cat's eye" is beautifully combined with the technique of "moon manicure." The color of the varnish can be chosen here, and the hole can be decorated with a transparent gel. The border of the transition is now fashionable to make out small rhinestones.

Texture combination

Another fashion option is the combination of glossy magnetic lacquer with matt. Make one or two nails with a matte gel-varnish of the same shade to get a trendy contrast for today. On matte nails, you can place bright accents with rhinestones.

Transparent droplets

Very delicate and romantic with a magnetic lacquer look droplets of dew. To create this effect, place a few drops of clear varnish or topcoat on the surface of the nail. As you can see, there are a lot of nail design options for "Cat's Eye", you just have to show your interest and imagination.

How to make a manicure "Cat's Eye"

Create a design for nails "Cat's Eye" under the power of any fashionista at home. For work it is necessary to prepare a base varnish-base, a magnetic gel-varnish with the effect "Cat's Eye", a special magnet (cat eye) and a varnish-fixer (topcoat). To make the effect more expressive, stylists advise to apply an additional black gel-varnish. So, if everything is ready, you can start working.

1. First of all we will prepare the nails: remove the old varnish, correct the shape of the nail file and degrease the surface of the nail plate.

2. Now cover the nails with the base varnish and dry it for a couple of minutes under the lamp (UV or LED). Base varnish is a necessary condition when working with magnetic varnish. It aligns the irregularities of the nail, resulting in a clearer drawing.

3. If you need a bright effect, cover the nails with a black gel-varnish and dry it under the lamp.

4. Apply the magnetic gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye" on the nails. It can be applied immediately in 2 layers, so the picture appears brighter. Now take a special magnet and as much as possible bring it to the nail for 5-15 seconds. This is enough to make the magnetic particles in the pattern. Try not to touch the magnet with a fresh coating. If the strip of "cat's eye" turned out to be uneven, shifted from the center, it can be corrected, put the magnet again, turning it at the desired angle. The result is dried under a lamp, like a regular gel-lacquer.

Tip: it is more convenient to work with each nail separately by turns. So manicure will be more accurate.

5. Final touch: cover the nails with a varnish-fixer and degrease the surface. However, some experts believe that the magnetic varnish does not need top coating.

As you can see, the process of creating such a design should not be difficult even for a beginner. However, do not be discouraged if, at the first attempt at working with a magnetic varnish, you do not get exactly what you expected. When working with the gel-lacquer "Cat's Eye", there are some nuances with which you will quickly understand the experience.

Tips for working with magnetic varnish "Cat's Eye"

- Before using the varnish, it should be shaken thoroughly. It is necessary that the coloring pigments and magnetic particles are evenly distributed.

- Do not forget to degrease your nails and use a lacquer base. This will help you get the perfect result.

- Magnetic patterns can be very different. To achieve the desired effect, move the magnet under different slopes and observe how the pattern changes. Also you can purchase additional magnets with the effect of waves or stars.

How to save the manicure "Cat's Eye" for a long time

Save a nice effect on the nails for a long time you can, if you follow some rules.

- Avoid getting on nails aggressive substances: alcohol, acetone, solvents.

- Homemade chemistry is the enemy of manicure, so do housework with gloves.

- Do not use nails as a tool to open the lid, bottle, etc.

- After applying gel-varnish for two days, avoid sudden changes in temperature and hot water. This includes hiking in the sauna, sauna.

- So you can save a manicure up to 2 weeks.

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