Nails design "French"

The design of the nail french has a huge number of varieties, so it allows girls to show their imagination and creativity.

Master-class of nail design by ORLY "Elegant French"

1. Classic French is a manicure, in which the edge of the nail in the form of a crescent is made in white, and the rest of the surface is covered with a transparent lacquer - pink, beige.

2. Colorful jacket - a kind of classic French manicure, when the edge of the nail is painted not in white, but in any colored varnish.

3. The design of nails "original French" allows you to show imagination and decorate the edge of the nail with a triangle, the letter V, or in the form of a beveled line. The color of the varnish is selected at the same time.

4. The fan-french can complement French design with various ornaments - rhinestones, sequins, foil and other materials.

5. The design of the French toffee nails is the newest style in manicure, in which the edge of the nail is decorated with varnish with sparkles of any size, with microscopic dust, acryled with sparkles.

6. The wedding jacket is designed to give the bride an airy, angelic, snow-white image.

7. A variety of the French manicure is the lunar design of nails, in which white (or any other) color is colored not the edge of the nail, and its hole (inverted jacket).

All types of French manicure have one common feature - they are performed only on the edge of the nail, the main part of the nail plate is made into natural colors.

How to make a French manicure at home

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