New Year's Nails Design - 2018

In the eastern calendar, the symbol of the upcoming 2018 will be the yellow Dog. To follow the traditions, on New Year's Eve you need to please the owner of the coming year: dress yourself in colors that are sympathetic to this animal. Yellow dog like bright shades of yellow, black, blue, dark green, purple, Burgundy.

New Year's manicure - 2018 with the symbol of the Dog

Successful symbolism for the New Year manicure - 2018 will be the image of a dog, dog's paws, goodies. They can be painted with a fine brush, and decorate with rhinestones and sequins from above.

If the drawing does not have enough time, stickers for manicure (stamping) will help.

New Year's nail design - 2018 with herringbone

The symbol of the New Year tree on the nails carries harmony and family well-being. Therefore, on New Year's Eve, it is worthwhile to depict a smart green tree or a fur-tree paw.

Gifts, decorations, Christmas toys on nails will attract bright positive emotions and financial success to you in the new year.

New Year's manicure - 2018 with gold

Decorate your nails on New Year's Eve with golden rhinestones, sequins, stickers. Gold flicker will bring financial prosperity in the coming year.

Frost patterns

One of the classic versions of the New Year's nail design remains a frosty pattern on a blue, silver, white, gray or pink background.

On long nails the New Year's design looks especially solemn, so short brittle nails are recommended to grow with a gel.

New Year's nail design - 2018 with rhinestones

In the New Year's design of nails - 2018 without borders use colored pebbles, rhinestones and sequins that turn an ordinary manicure into a fairy-tale manicure. The background for sequins is chosen to contrast, to emphasize the game of color.

New Year's manicure with the effect of "broken glass"

Manicure with the effect of broken glass - one of the most fashionable trends of the coming year. The effect of multicolored shine in 3d volume elegantly complements your New Year outfit.

New Year's manicure on short nails

Short nails confidently went into fashion in the coming season, because it is very convenient and practical. Short nails can be decorated with rhinestones, snowflakes, varnish with sparkles.

Fashionable manicure "cat's eye"

Technique of manicure "cat's eye" has become popular with many women of fashion and thanks to the voluminous luminous effect it will be appropriate on New Year's Eve. With such a manicure, precious stones and rhinestones are successfully combined.

Ideas for New Year's nail design - 2018

Do not be afraid to go to the design of New Year's manicure creatively and use the next New Year's patterns.

Drawing Santa Claus

Red nails with a golden buckle look festive and funny. If you are not accustomed to bright images, such an ornament can be created only on one nail.

New Year's manicure with sparkles

Solemn will look glossy varnishes with sparkles, reminiscent of the color of precious stones: sapphires, emeralds and amethysts, as well as lacquers with metallic luster. Patterns are applied with a varnish with gold or silvery decor.

Ideas for New Year's nail design 2018 with kamifubukami

Kamifubuki - Japanese confetti for nails, which are not as relevant in the New Year's Eve. Bright nails shade of green fir will always be relevant on New Year's Eve. Such nails can be decorated with a gold alluvial sparkles, stars, snowflakes.

New Year's manicure with deer

It is appropriate for young girls to put New Year's patterns on their nails with Santa Claus, a snowman, a Christmas tree, a New Year's ball, etc. It always looks bright and festive.

New Year's jacket

At the heart of New Year's manicure is very often the French nail design , which is decorated with bright pebbles and sparkles, fluffy snowflakes, acrylic modeling. This option manicure is suitable for all women, without exception, to anyone along.

New Year's manicure with red lacquer

Actually a Christmas combination of red and green, white and crimson, blue and silver. The tip of the nail will not be superfluous to decorate with gold or silver foil or metallic paint.

New Year's Manicure "Cap"

If you are new to design or do not know how to paint beautifully, the idea with Santa's hat is just for you. As a supplement, apply to the nails patterns of falling snowflakes or New Year balls. It's very simple, and looks beautiful.

New Year fireworks on nails

A manicure with bright colors will look very relevant, especially if you decorate your nails with flashes of firework. Supplement the image with glitter, sequins, rhinestones.

If you are a supporter of a calm design of nails, you should take note of the varnishes opposite to the fire colors - deep blue, cold green and mysterious purple.

A beautiful luster to the holiday nails will give a layer of transparent lacquer-fixer.

New Year's nail design - 2018 is better to entrust to a professional. But if you are a creative person, do not be afraid to experiment, you will definitely get an original irresistible masterpiece.

New Year's pedicure - 2017

Fashionable pedicure is an obligatory attribute for a well-groomed woman. New-year design of nails should be chosen not only with a festive outfit, but also with the symbols of the year.

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