Design of nails (nail art)

Nails design "Cat's Eye": how to draw, photo gallery

Manicure in the style of "Cat's Eye" has become one of the popular trends in nail design. Three-dimensional volume of nails and shine will be appropriate at any party.

Design of nails with the effect of "broken glass"

Glass manicure has already managed to win positions on fashionable modums. Incredible shine and resemblance to the shape of a diamond turn nails into an expensive decoration.

Master class of autumn nail-design "Wine" from ORLY

This design is ideal for autumn. Deep saturated wine shades beautifully framed with golden sparkles.

Lunar Nail Design

This kind of design resembles an inverted jacket. Lulula nail is made with one shade of varnish, and the rest of the surface - the other. Often draw on the nail a double "crescent" - at the base and at the tip. Lunar manicure is suitable for any occasion, both for everyday life and for celebrations.

French design: French manicure options

This is one of the most popular ways of nail design, and it is not surprising, because it is very feminine, romantic and most naturally emphasizes the beauty of the nail. French design has many varieties: neo-french, inverted jacket, colored jacket. By the way, the lunar nail design that is gaining popularity is also a variant of the French manicure.

Acrylic modeling on nails. 3D design

Modeling on nails is a magnificent decoration of your pens, which is appropriate for especially solemn occasions. Volumetric figures of flowers, fruits, animals, etc. will be a chic addition to an evening dress or wedding dress. However, this kind of design is laborious and complex, therefore it is usually done only by experienced masters.

Marble nail design with water

With the help of water, women of fashion have learned to model intricate patterns on nails, mixing several bright shades of lacquer. The technology of varnish application is very unusual and requires a certain skill: a drop of varnish of different color is lowered into a container with water, placing them on top of each other. A marble stain spreads over the surface of the water, on which you can draw a pattern of any complexity with a toothpick. For a second we lower the fingers into the water - and enjoy the miracle of water design.

Aquarian design

This kind of manicure makes it possible to create a beautiful volumetric composition that you will observe "behind the glass" of a thick layer of transparent gel. Aquarium manicure is durable, does not cause discomfort to the hands, well, and most importantly - very fashionable and beautiful!

Flowers on nails

Flower nail design is one of the most feminine and romantic types of manicure. Spending a little time to master it, you will be delighted with the results.

Chinese nail painting

Among the many types of nail art, the Chinese painting of nails is distinguished by its originality. To learn how to draw various bizarre patterns, it takes many hours of training. But the result is worth it.

Drawings on the nails with a needle

Drawings with a needle on the nails are very easy to learn and self-perform at home. Varying with several shades of varnish, you can perform bright and unique in its beauty drawings.

Home nail design

Home-made nail design is an unlimited field of activity for bright and creative personalities seeking to express their inner state through any changes in the external image. If you belong to this category, arm yourself with the necessary accessories and implement your wildest fantasies.

A beautiful manicure plays a huge role in creating a fashionable image. Banal staining of nails is no longer suited to modern women of fashion, because today it is important to be bright, unique, show your individuality.

The nail art design (nail art) is a real art that allows you to feel like an artist, to display your mood on canvas, in which quality your own nails perform. In the art of nail art there are no boundaries - on the nails you can sculpt, draw, paste applications, create complex compositions, etc. The most popular types of nail design we will try to consider in this article in more detail.

Design of nails with ready-made applications (stickers, sequins, rhinestones).

This kind of manicure is quite simple to perform on your own. Today in specialized stores you can buy a lot of different figures, sparkles, ready-made stickers and ornaments on nails (flowers, hearts, feathers, rhinestones, etc.). It is enough to cover your nails with your favorite varnish, glue the sticker on top and fix it with a transparent varnish.

Drawings on nails (a needle, a thin brush, gel pens, a manicure pencil). With the help of simple tools, you can learn how to create interesting images on the nails. There are many technologies for drawing on nails. For example, if you take a regular needle and put several points on the nail in random order or according to the scheme, and then connect, you get an original pattern. The gel pen will help to draw a clear outline of the flower, the heart, the stars, the leaf, etc., which then can easily be painted over with a thin brush.

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