Home care for nails

Home care for nails

Home care for nails

To constantly maintain the beauty and health of nails, you will have to make a lot of efforts. In daily procedures for home nail care it is necessary to include: delicate cleaning of the area around the nail, light massage, periodic treatment with special oil or cream, nails.

1. Try to do daily massage of the cuticle area. To do this, pick a very soft brush and soap it with glycerin or baby soap. Massage will improve the blood circulation of the nail, and also produce a light peeling, cleansing the cuticle from dead skin scales. Massage is also an effective prevention of the formation of unaesthetic cracks, where dirt can subsequently be clogged.

2. In the evening it is useful to rub oil into the cuticle area of ​​the nails, especially if during the day you put your hands on repair or household work. It is better to buy special cuticle oil.

3. If your nails are sufficiently well-groomed, you can use a regular hand cream instead of oil. Apply the cream massaging movements, this will help smooth the surface of the nail and small burrs.

4. An effective whitening and softening agent is lemon juice. Massage your nails with half a lemon, this will strengthen them and give a well-groomed appearance.

If you do not take care of your fingernails for a long time, you may encounter such unpleasantness as the growth of hangnails. To soften the skin around the nail in this case will help daily trays of warm olive oil.

5. If you are faced with unpleasant tears in the nail corners, you need to take urgent measures. First, soften your nails in a warm bath with drinking soda. Then use the special tweezers to remove the burrs. Gently cut off excess skin, but in no case pull out the burrs - they will begin to bleed, which can lead to infection.

To strengthen the nail plate, you can use paraffin baths and firming varnishes. Lacquer with calcium, breakable - with fruit acids will help to break nails. A broken nail can be "repaired". Cover the crack with a special material for gluing the nails, and from above apply an ordinary base for a varnish or a special gel for the hardening of artificial nails.

Paraffinotherapy also has a beneficial effect on the dry cuticle and the skin of the hands, returning it smoothness, softness and giving a well-groomed appearance. The procedure of paraffin therapy should be performed at manicure sessions to improve the appearance of the nails and the skin of the hands.

An excellent tool for strengthening brittle nails can serve as a salt bath. For them, sea salt is preferred without aromatic additives. Dissolve in a tepid water teaspoon of salt (without a slide) and hold hands for 20 minutes. Carry out the procedure daily for 10 days. In a month you can repeat. For prevention it is enough to make a salt bath once a week.

Daily give your nails at least a few minutes, and soon they will please you with a charming shine and strength.

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