Forms of nails

Beautiful well-groomed nails for a long time are considered a symbol of femininity, beauty and sense of style in women. Often it is the appearance and shape of the nails that a man finds for himself a beautiful half, who becomes his wife.

Naturally, the shape of the nails is predetermined at the genetic level, but in the process of life it can vary depending on the hormonal changes in the body, the type of work activity (mental or physical), the state of health and the transferred diseases or finger injuries.

Modern cosmetology allows you to eliminate any shortcomings or emphasize the merits of one or another form of nails. With the help of special tools you can even in the home conditions qualitatively and in the shortest time possible to model any form of nails to the taste of any client. Just remember that when choosing the ideal shape for you nails, which will give your hands a special grace, you need to adhere to the following professional recommendations:

1. The shape of the nails should match the shape of the toes. If the nails are of different length, then the optimal length is determined by the length of the shortest and the others are cut to its level. Ideal is the shape of the nail, which mirrors the fold of the cuticle at its base.

2. The shape of the nails should visually lengthen the fingers, emphasizing the femininity of the image. It should be remembered that the sharper and longer the nail, the more visually the fingers look thinner, the more round shape is attached to the nails, the shorter they look.

3. The shape of the nails should create maximum comfort and require a minimum of care depending on the nature of the activity. For example, sharp elongated nails require careful care and in everyday life at work and in the family are hardly appropriate.

The optimal shape of the nails determines both the appearance of the hands and the capabilities of the manicure, which should ideally match your image and emphasize the individuality. It is possible to distinguish 8 varieties of nail forms: round, square, square with a semicircular top, sharp, in the form of lipstick, oval, almond-shaped, fantasy.

Round nails - the optimal solution in case of their weakness and poor growth, as well as when due to professional requirements you need a short length of nails. Least susceptible to injury.

Square nails are an excellent choice for medium to long nails, as they visually shorten the fingers and reduce the wrist. This form of nails is perfect classic French manicure. Do not recommend to the fair sex with short, plump and broad fingers.

Square nails with a semicircular top-a combination of round and square shapes. Ideal for medium-length nails.

Sharp (styloid-like) nails - the most stylish, but at the same time, the most traumatic. Often on real nails, in view of the fragility, this form does not hold, therefore, mainly require expansion.

Nails in the form of lipstick - a more sparing version of the previous form: less acute and shorter length. More convenient in everyday life.

Oval nails are a universal choice for any occasion. Do not require build-up, but to achieve the desired shape, you need careful filing. Ideal for medium to long nails, which look the most attractive.

Almond-shaped nails are the most feminine and elegant form of nails. The main drawback: on its nails the shape is not preserved, as they quickly break down. Require the use of acrylic or gel.

Fantasy nails - for fans of the most daring experiments with their nails in the spirit of the latest achievements of nail design. Restrictions on the form does not exist, but nevertheless it is desirable in all to adhere to a certain idea and sense.

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