Design of nails "Broken glass"

The design of nails "broken glass" continues to gain popularity among fashionistas. Also it is often called glass manicure, or glass nail. The name corresponds to reality - nails visually covered with shimmering glass shards.

The effect of broken glass on the nails is created by pieces of special mica or foil, which are nicely laid out on a low gel-varnish. As a result, a manicure resembles a diamond surface or a pattern in a kaleidoscope. The play of light makes the nails catchy, noticeable and incredibly stylish. Another advantage of this design is its uniqueness.

Nails design "broken glass": materials for work

Foil, mirror cellophane or mica for glass design comes in different shades and shapes, in rolls or in the form of cut figurines, holographic stickers. Due to its low cost, you can collect a whole collection of houses and surprise the surrounding nail design novelties.

Glass manicure on a black background

Black background - one of the most advantageous for a glass manicure. Transparent holographic figures will create an amazing volume and depth, give your image a touch of mystery and chic.

Game with color

Harmonious are the saturated bright shades of the main gel-lacquer with glass inserts of lighter shades. For example, dark blue with blue, cherry with pink, chocolate with golden, etc.

We place the accents

It is very fashionable to make glass manicure only on several nails (for example, on anonymous and average), and the rest to cover with gel-varnish of the same shade.

Gentle romance

One of the popular varieties of manicure broken glass has become a transparent design. On a fingernail put a transparent covering and impose on it light or transparent glass figures. Such a manicure looks more tender, so it will be appropriate at the wedding and at the office.

Nails will look interesting if you cover them with a monochrome gel-varnish, and on top put a variety of pieces of foil or cellophane.

Experiment with the form

You can experiment not only with color, but also with form. Pieces of broken glass can be small or large, in the form of regular geometric figures or strips. Of these, you can lay an ornament or pattern, such as a butterfly or a flower.

French design with broken glass

The effect of broken glass is beautifully combined with any popular design of nails. For example, try experimenting and connecting with broken glass popular jacket and lunar design.

French manicure with glass looks stylish, bright and original. Possible options here can not be counted. You can just add a traditional French jacket and make the accent of the glass on one nail. Or decorate with shiny figures only the tips of the nails.

Moon manicure with broken glass

Glass design is very advantageously combined with the moon manicure. Brilliant fragments adorn the semicircular hole of the nail, or vice versa, leave it transparent, and the main pattern is performed on the remaining surface of the nail. This manicure is often made shellac, as it lasts a very long time, and the overgrown transparent hole will not spoil the design. It is also fashionable to focus only on one finger.

How to make a manicure broken glass?

Manicure broken glass looks very chic, so it seems that it is complicated in execution. But it turns out that making it easy even at home.

It will be better to work with gel-varnish, so that the result of your creativity would please you for a long time. Prepare the "glass", if they are in a roll, cut them into random pieces. Now let's get to work.

1. First, prepare the nails: they must be completely defatted.

2. Apply a clear varnish on the nails and dry under a lamp. We must create a perfectly flat surface so that the manicure matches our expectations. Do not forget to remove the sticky layer after applying the base.

3. Now you can apply a colored gel lacquer. We will apply it in two layers. The first layer we try to apply as evenly as possible, then place the nails under the lamp until the varnish dries completely.

4. Now apply the second layer of gel-varnish and lightly dry it under the lamp (no longer than 1 minute).

5. Prepare pieces of holographic film, mica, foil or cellophane, imitating broken glass, spread a thin layer on a white sheet of paper. So it will be more convenient to work. Take a cosmetic pencil or a simple toothpick and carefully arrange the pieces of mica, starting from the center of the nail. On the sides of the nail should be glued smaller pieces. When the pattern is ready, dry the result obtained under the lamp until the gel-lacquer hardens.

6. The finished design should be fixed with top coating in two layers. The first layer of varnish should fill the empty spaces between the glass to level the surface. The second layer covers the entire nail. We dry.

The result will please you in a few weeks.

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