Nail fungus

Nail fungus (onychomycosis) is a fairly common fungal lesion of the nail plates, mainly on the feet of fungi-dermatophytes. When untimely treatment of fungi quickly multiply and completely destroy the nails.

The cause of the appearance of the nail fungus is basically a general decrease in the body's resistance to infections and excessive sweating of the legs. The disease is very easily transmitted when visiting a bath, a swimming pool, a shower room with no change of shoes or using a common shoe (for example, slippers for guests).

Signs of the disease are a change in the color of the nails, a thickening of the nail plate, itching and delamination of the skin between the fingers, delaminating the nails into small fragments.

Nail fungus. Prevention and treatment

In order to avoid nail fungus disease it is necessary:

- use special products (creams, powder) from excessive sweating of the feet;

- regularly change tights, stockings, socks;

- daily wash your feet with warm water and soap and wipe them dry after the procedure;

- use only your own change shoes when visiting a bath, pool, guests, but if you still had to walk barefoot, then use antifungal sprays or aerosols.

Treatment of onychomycosis with folk remedies is ineffective. It is best to contact a dermatologist or a mycologist as soon as possible, who, after laboratory tests to determine the nature of the fungus, will prescribe antifungal therapy. Depending on the degree of development of the disease, the duration of treatment can range from several weeks to several months.

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