Art nails painting

Beautiful, bright nails are a harmonious addition to the female image. Stylish design of nails is able not only to distinguish you from the crowd, but also to cheer yourself up. Therefore, the artistic painting of nails decorates the handles of almost all fashionable women, not indifferent to their appearance.

To create a beautiful figure on nails, you need to have an artistic taste and skill. There are many ways and technologies for painting on nails. You can draw with a needle, toothpick, gel pens, acrylic paints, etc. Consider these methods in order.

1. Painting nails with acrylic paints is a very simple and convenient way to decorate your pens. It is enough to buy a set of paints and a little practice in the execution of patterns on paper. As a result, bright compositions are obtained, which can be supplemented with modeling, three-dimensional images and ornaments.

2. Nail painting with a needle is an affordable way of design for both beginner and master. Droplets of colored varnish are applied to the nail and shaded with a needle in the desired direction, depending on the pre-set pattern.

3. Painting nails with gel pens - one of the popular ways of nail design. Gel pens are very convenient to use, do not spread and are not smeared, the failed pattern can be wiped off with water and applied again. As a rule, several handles with shiny colored pastes and one black for the outline are purchased for the painting.

4. Chinese painting nails gained popularity in our country due to its natural, close to nature beauty. Chinese patterns on nails are basically three-dimensional flowers (roses, gladiolus, lotus, narcissus), which are applied using a special technology that resembles the traditions of Russian art "gzhel".

5. Marble design of nails with water - a simple and original way of manicure is enough. The design is created in a glass of water with the help of several varicoloured varnish droplets, then the hands are lowered into the finished figure and the varnish is "glued" to the nails.

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