Japanese manicure

Healthy nails are an important part of the image of a beautiful well-groomed woman. Negative influence on the condition of the nails is caused by frequent stresses, poor ecology and irregular poor nutrition of the vitamins, as a result of which they acquire increased brittleness and delamination. You can certainly follow a strict diet or make nail extensions, but you want to quickly achieve a positive effect, and it is desirable that your own nails had an impeccable look. In this case, the Japanese manicure-procedure for the rapid restoration of weak and damaged nails will come to the rescue, as a result of which they become firm and elastic, they acquire a beautiful healthy color and shine.

The procedure for Japanese manicure is as follows:

1. Preliminary diagnosis, during which the condition of the nail plates is checked on a special table and the individual preparations and ingredients are selected individually for each client.

2. Processing of nails with the help of a special composition based on beeswax, which helps to restore the cellular structure of the nail plate.

3. Cuticle zone treatment with jojoba oil and ceramic sticks and application of serum including ylang ylang, red tea, bamboo, vanilla and lotus seeds.

4. Strengthening the nails and leveling their surface with a special paste, consisting of calcium and pearl chips. To protect the paste from external influences at the end of this stage, the silicon powder is applied to the surface of the nail.

5. Grinding the nails with a rice block and a block of calfskin, after which, to give a beautiful look and strength, whitening and polishing with crumb of pearls.

6. Applying a base coat that stimulates the growth of nails, based on bamboo and ylang-ylang oils.

7. Massage with hot silk pouches containing mineral salts and aromatic herbs, in order to improve muscle tone and relieve fatigue after the procedure.

The duration of the procedure of Japanese manicure is about 1 hour. For 4-5 sessions with an interval of 2 weeks you can completely restore the broken structure of the nails. It is better to carry out the procedure in the salon with an experienced master, but you can master it at home with the necessary tools, minerals and aromatic oils.

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