Manicure with kamifubukami at home

Do you know how confetti is called in the Land of the Rising Sun? Kamifubuki, which in a literal translation sounds like a "paper storm." This is how the Japanese nail masters named a new "chip", which will become a mast of all women of fashion in this season.

In fact, these bright circles are not paper. They are made of metal. Sounds weird? But meanwhile, it's very easy to apply them to the marigold, even a schoolgirl can cope. In addition, at a price these "guests from far abroad" are very democratic.

How to use kamifubukami?

The usual set of jewelry for manicure, as a rule, consists of kamifubuki 3 colors and sizes. Say, round, as well as in the form of a heart, asterisks and so on. These sets will help you to make both festive and daily manicure with kamifubukami in any style (a la bouncer, rocker, business lady, romantic princess, and so on). You only need to choose the right scale and attach confetti.

Kamifubuki can be combined with:

- varnishes of any colors.

- transparent varnish (negative design).

- gel-varnish (a la "cat's eye").

Variants of patterns with kafifukuks

To learn "art of kamifubuki" it is possible, having begun with such receptions:

Scattered elements attached in random order.

Strict "geometry", or a specially designed pattern.

Confetti, attached side by side (large cover small or vice versa), at a certain distance.

"Gradient": on one side of the nail plate there are almost no kamifubuki, then there are more and more, and finally at the other end of the nail is their maximum.

Fashionable nail design with kamifubuki

The most-most trends in the use of this decoration are:

Disco. All confetti is selected in one type and size. With their help creates the appearance of a disco ball on the nail. The most successful is not the silver color, but the emerald color.

Brilliant accents. On 1-2 nails are placed kamifubuki, and on the others is made another, no less catchy nail art (flat, volumetric pattern, pattern, monophonic gradient).

Underlined contrast

2 nails are covered with a transparent base and coated with confetti, and the rest are painted with the same, not too bright varnish.

Red manicure with kamifukuks

A female vamp. All nails covered with bright scarlet varnish, which is diluted with a small amount of confetti. For example, they can be attached only near the cuticle, or decorate them with 1-2 nails.

Contrasting design. Black lacquer + multi-color kamifubuki

Color glitters on a black background look very festive and elegant. Such a manicure will be appropriate even for the New Year's celebration.

French design with kamifukuks

Whatever you like the pattern on the nails, you can modernize it with the help of this Japanese ornament. For example, kamifubuky not bad combined with a jacket, moon manicure.

How to place kamifubuki on nails:

Simultaneously outside and inside the hole.

Only on the inside of the hole, near the line of the cuticle itself.

On the entire nail plate, except for the area of ​​the socket.

Strictly along the line, "drawing" the hole on our nail.

Modern fashion says: do whatever you want, there are no rules and strict laws!

How to make a manicure with kamifubukami at home: step by step instruction

Treat the nails the way you are used to at the beginning of the manicure: take the cuticle aside, polish the nail, "erasing" all imperfections.

Apply the base gel varnish, dry it in the ultraviolet.

Apply another layer of lacquer, then "drown" in it kamifubuki (you can help yourself dotzom).

To design the nails turned out clear, the "backing" for manicure is to choose not a color lacquer, but a transparent or flesh tint.

Once again, dry the marigold in a UV lamp.

The final touch is another base layer that will smooth out any unevenness created by the confetti speakers. We allow the lamp to polymerize the nails, due to which the decoration will last for them not 2-3 days, but more than a week.

At the very end, we process the marigolds "finish" and remove from them an adhesive coating.

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