Manicure on short nails

It is believed that the most stylish looks manicure, made with a large length of nails. However, if, for various reasons, they often break down before reaching the required length, one should not succumb to despair.

Properly executed manicure on short nails is able to emphasize their beauty and well-groomed

In order for a manicure on short nails to look amazing, you need to observe several rules:

1. The length of the nails is carefully checked. Nail plates should be cut in such a way that when viewed from the outside of the palm, the fingertips are not visible.

2. The classical version of the shape of short nails is an oval, the square shape is appropriate only in case you have thin long fingers.

3. The use of dark varnish visually reduces the length of the nail, and light - increases. Knowing this rule, it is possible to combine a combination of light and dark colors with a manicure to hide the disadvantage of the wrong shape of the nail plate. For example, if the tip of the nail expands to the end, then at the base of the nail is covered with a clear varnish, and the tip - dark. When the nail is tapering to the edge, it is covered with a dark lacquer at the base, at the end - light.

4. On the nails of an oval and oblong form ideal romantic patterns in light colors, square shapes - simple graphic drawings in bright colors.

5. It is completely inappropriate to do on short nails: small drawings around the perimeter, large-scale drawings and large areas, complex patterns and a lot of curls, volumetric design and acrylic modeling.

Maintaining a manicure on short nails does not require regular visits to beauty salons. You can do this at home using the necessary materials and tools.

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