Skin on fingers

Wherever we are - at home, at work or on a visit, our fingers are always in sight. Therefore, any problems that occur on the skin of the fingers are difficult to hide and this place requires especially careful care.

Most often the skin on the fingers is prone to peeling and cracking. The main causes of occurrence are: 1) the impact of sharp contrasts of temperature and humidity, especially in the cold period of the year; 2) frequent hands in a humid environment; 3) allergic reactions to synthetic detergents, cosmetics, some food products; 4) excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, leading to dehydration of the skin; 5) improper skin care of hands; 6) unbalanced diet and lack of vitamins in the body, especially A, E and group B; 7) hormonal disorders; 8) various skin diseases (fungus, eczema).

If the skin of the fingers is prone to peeling and cracking of the skin, the following preventive measures should be taken:

1. Keep hands warm when leaving the street in the cold season, protect them from direct contact with an aggressive environment during cleaning, washing and washing dishes with gloves.

2. When washing hands, use a soft baby soap or decoctions of herbs (chamomile, lime, plantain) that have antiseptic properties.

3. Regularly moisturize, nourish and soften the skin with moisturizing, nourishing and softening creams based on medicinal herbs.

4. To include in the diet of vegetables, fruits, greens, nuts, rich in healthy vitamins, as well as multivitamin complexes in the spring.

Very beneficial for the health of the skin of the fingers is affected by the use of trays and nourishing masks based on oils and herbs. Here are the recipes of some of them:

Bath with sea salt

In 500 ml of warm water stir 0.5 teaspoons of sea salt, put fingers there and hold for 20 minutes, then wipe well and moisturize with moisturizer.

Bath with infusion of herbs

Mix the infusion of chamomile or marigold and olive oil in a ratio of 1: 2. The mixture obtained is slightly warmed and the tips of the fingers are brought there for 15 minutes. The course of treatment - 10 procedures every other day.

A tray with olive oil and lemon juice

In 100 ml of olive oil (you can take a peach or almond oil) add 3-4 drops of lemon juice and mix. In the resulting composition, hold your fingers for at least 15 minutes, then pat dry with a dry cloth.

Mask of oat flakes and honey

In 150 ml of milk add 1 tablespoon oat flakes. In the resulting mass, mix 2 tablespoons of ground wheat germ, 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 capsule of vitamin E. Apply on the skin of hands before going to bed, then put cotton gloves on them. Leave it overnight, then rinse off with warm water.

If problems on the skin of the fingers are long-lasting and preventive measures do not help, you should seek help from a dermatologist who, based on complex analyzes, will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe an effective course of treatment.

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