Hand Cream: How to choose the right

The woman's hands are regularly exposed to the aggressive influence of the external environment, and constant domestic work has a serious impact on the skin condition in this area, as a result of which it becomes over-dried and flakes.

Hands, if not properly looked after, will be covered with wrinkles, become hard and grow old quickly. Therefore, it is important to choose the right hand cream, which gently and carefully take care of the skin, and, therefore, can protect your hands in any weather.

Hand creams are now available in jars and in tubes. We can assume that it is more competent to choose a cream in a tube, because in the bank it will be in contact with the air, as a result of which the cream will not only oxidize, but will also become a favorable environment for active bacterial growth.

There are no sebaceous glands in the area of ​​the hands, so the skin in this area is especially prone to drying out. Accordingly, it needs constant moisturizing and good nutrition - it is with these functions and must cope with a quality cream designed for the hands. If the skin of the hands is prone to irritation or permanent exfoliation, then it is necessary to choose a cream designed specifically for sensitive skin.

Hand cream: composition

During the selection of hand cream, you must carefully read its composition. For a full-fledged care of the skin of the hands of a woman you need 2 creams: day and night. Day cream should be applied before going out to the street, night - just before bedtime.

Hand creams consist of water and various oils: mineral, animal or vegetable. Having carefully studied the composition of the cream, even if it is not indicated at what time of the day it should be applied, you can decide for yourself what is the night, and what day cream. At night, you need to apply that hand cream, the moisture percentage is at least 20, and in the daytime you need a hand cream with a moisture content of about 80%.

Moreover, a good day cream intended for the care of the skin of hands, must necessarily contain dimethicone, glycerin, UV filters, as well as extracts of medicinal plants. Night cream should nourish the skin with vitamins E, A and F, which effectively fight the aging process. In addition, it is desirable that the composition of the night cream included collagen and elastin - these are the substances necessary for the elasticity of the skin. Also in its composition must be fruit acid, which regulates the processes of renewal of the skin.

In addition to day and evening creams, designed for hands, you need to buy more and protective - silicone. Such cream after application creates a protective film on the skin, thus protecting it from external stimuli. Protective cream should be applied on hands immediately before cleaning or any other work.

It should be remembered that hand creams are applied only to clean, thoroughly washed skin. In addition, before you leave the house, you should definitely wait until the day cream is absorbed as much as possible.

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