Forms of nails

Beautiful nails of a square shape can be made independently or with the help of a master. For work, both natural and artificial nails are suitable. This form is not recommended for long nails, because they can break because of sharp corners.

To give the nails a square shape at home, the following sequence of actions should be observed:

1. To process the surface of nails with a fleece and a means for removing varnish for degreasing and cleaning from the remains of the old varnish.

2. To soften the nails and the skin around them, lower them and hold their hands in a container with warm water for a few minutes.

3. Wipe your hands and nails dry with a waffle towel.

4. Using nail tweezers, cut the nail tip in a direction perpendicular to the desired length in one motion.

5. Moving in one direction to avoid damage, nail filings with a nail file.

6. Saw the tips of the nails to get a straight line, making the movement of the nail file in one direction no more than 5 times.

7. Cut corners of nails with a nail file until small bends are obtained. Move in one direction from the edge of the nail to the center.

8. After working with the nail file, wash your hands and wipe dry.

Natural nails need to be processed with a nail file every few days so that they do not lose shape. To prevent dryness on the nails and skin of hands, apply moisturizing cream at least 3 times a day.

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