Treatment of nails

Treatment of nails on the hands and feet is made depending on the nature and specificity of their disease. There are two groups of nail diseases - fungal and non-fungal.

Treatment of fungal diseases of nails

The most common fungal diseases of the nails are onychomycosis and candidiasis.

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) occurs when the nail plate is affected by fungi-dermatophytes, which can multiply rapidly destroy the nail. Signs of the disease: 1) the appearance on the nails of bands or round spots of yellow, gray or brown colors; 2) exfoliation and increased fragility of nails, which do not pass with proper care of them; 3) thickening of the nails: 4) a change in the color and gloss of the nails.

Candidiasis of nails and nail rollers occurs as a result of their defeat by fungi of the genus Candida. Signs of the disease: 1) change in the state of the nail plate (exfoliation, turbidity, softening), 2) painful inflammation of the nail roller, overhanging it above the nail plate, accompanied by the release of pus when pressing on the tissue; 3) cracks on the nail roller.

Self-medication in this case should not be carried out. At the first signs of the disease, consult a specialist (dermatologist or mycologist) who will prescribe the necessary laboratory tests to identify the pathogen and the correct use of antifungal and antimicrobial agents.

To protect nails from such unpleasant illnesses, strengthen the body and do not allow visiting the pool or bath without replacement shoes.

Treatment of non-fungal nail diseases

The most common non-fungal nail lesions are grooves on the surface of the nail plate, the bundle of nails, burrs on the nails. They arise as a result of smoking, anemia, unbalanced nutrition, allergies to detergents, improper nail care and improperly made manicure.

Treatment consists in taking multivitamin complexes, including in the diet of foods rich in vitamins and minerals, avoiding bad habits, using hypoallergenic detergents, using special nutritional creams and oils to care for the skin of hands and performing health-improving procedures in beauty salons.

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