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Fashionable manicure - 2017-2018

If earlier on the shelves of beauty shops dedicated to the beauty of nails, there were only bottles with varicolored varnishes, but now the range of products for manicure has expanded at times. Fashion designers can buy rhinestones (large and small, metallic and multi-colored), films and holographic foil, sliders and even kamifubuki. From this article you not only learn the meaning of all these sophisticated words, without which the fashionable manicure of 2018 simply will not take place, but also learn how to decorate your marigolds with all the fashionable chips of next year.

Fashion manicure with Kamifubuki

In simple terms, it's just confetti for the nails. As it is easy to guess by the name, the Japanese invented this fashionable chip. If this winter you want to be in a trend, be sure to do a manicure with this color "mosaic"!

It's simple: stain the marigold with an ordinary transparent "base" or with any colored varnish, then overlay their confetti. At the request of kamifubuki can not be applied to all 10 marigolds, but, say, only the middle and nameless.

Sprinkle marigolds can be both in the form of free fireworks, and according to a certain scheme (for example, you can "draw" with the help of confetti a hole, a heart, a flower).

Fashionable nail design "Vtirka"

Under this unromantic name is hidden a truly luxurious manicure idea. When applying a varnish, it is necessary to rub polyester powder into its layer (this procedure explains the name of the product itself). Powder can be different both in size "pebbles", and in color. It is sold with a metallic effect, a mirror, a mother-of-pearl shell, a prism - there are a lot of options.

Fashion manicure with powder - 2018

Did you think it only exists for the cheeks? In 2018, it can be applied to marigolds. But of course, we are talking about a special manicure means. It should be used to create separate accents. For example, she can simply "zamatirovat" nails. But if you have a fantasy, you can create three-dimensional patterns of powder, both monochrome and color (geometric, fantasy - you can help yourself with templates). And you can play in contrast by applying a white powder to the colored lacquer.

Often remember about powder, creating a "knitted" manicure. This tool also fits well into the ombre technique - it is applied to the transition zone of flowers.


If at your service there will be a special nail tool - airbrush, you will be able to create drawings with smooth transitions of light shades into dark ones, and dark ones to light ones. This pistol with spray function controls the range of application of paint, so that you can even make miniature lines.

Patterns can be gradient (a combination of the most delicate colors), unpretentious (contrasting), and also rather complex, realistic. And it does not matter what your "claws" are, whether they are grown or natural - a manicure will be successful in any case.

Fashion manicure - 2017-2018: Negative space

"Business card" of the fashion of the last year, which passed in 2018, is Negative space, or in the popular way - "naked nail." The chip of this manicure is that the nail is covered with a pattern / color not completely.

For example, you can leave a transparent heart, a diamond, a strip - or vice versa, apply a colored pattern over a transparent base. This nail onion is suitable for any combination, and therefore it is universal.


Most likely, you are already familiar with the varnish, which has the effect of cracking (it is also called varnish-graffiti). Work with him is a pleasure: they put on marigolds, wait until it dries - and the pattern is ready! And to make it more noticeable, you need to play on the contrasts: for example, the craquel lacquer of the same color is applied to the "base" of another shade.

The most popular colors of this varnish are golden, white and black. However, in the shops you can find bottles of paint-graffiti and other shades.

If you want to make a particularly noticeable and original manicure, make a "base" colored (applying seven colors of the rainbow to the marigolds), and graffiti use a modest, black one. And for the evening exit, the same black graffiti and gold lacquer base will do - or vice versa, a golden craquelure over the varnish in the tone of the dress.

As in the case of the previous nail-idea, in the case of craquelure, the length of the nails is unimportant, as well as their naturalness.

Fashionable french-nail design - 2017 - 2018

First of all, the eternal classics - a French jacket - will be relevant. This stylish, neat bow of your nails is probably never out of fashion! However, in order not to remind oneself of last year's, the French manicure can be done creatively - let's say, bring new colors (a colored jacket), turn it ("hole"), decorate it with a modeling, bead, strassic, pattern, or choose a millennium, fan decorative French. In a pure form, such a manicure can be found except in strict office conditions.

Fashionable moon manicure - 2017 - 2018

Let's talk about the moon manicure. It is fashionable, since it is universal: it fits fitfully under the nails of any shape and length. The classical hole has a smooth line that repeats the lunula - however, nothing prevents you from changing the width and roundness of the "moon," or making it double or triangular. Cool looks black, gently pink, golden hole on a red background. You can combine textures: metal and matte or glossy.

Fashionable nude manicure - 2018

Very topical this season looks like nude nail design. If you are forced to obey a strict office dress code, do not be discouraged: no less fashionable in 2018 you will look and with stressed-business natural nails. Short length, round shape, modest beige, brown, gray or completely transparent lacquer - and nothing more ...

A wonderful simplicity, like in a boarding house of noble maidens, which only emphasizes your delicate taste and makes others pay attention to another - to your intellect, sparkling humor, and of course, the beauty given by nature.

"Broken glass" - a stylish trend on the nails - 2017 - 2018

"Broken glass", or the so-called glass manicure - a fashionable opening season. To get this effect, buy a special foil or holographic cellophane, cut them with sharp corners, then apply to the marigolds (or just one, or at its tip).

Fashionable nail design - 2018: stylish geometry

Stylish geometry is the most fashionable trend of the upcoming season. Peas, diamonds, squares or triangles of all "calibers" can be freely placed on the nails both alone and in combination with other patterns from the notebook by drawing, have blurred and clear boundaries. Well here will fit and fashionable tapes - they can be deleted, drawing a figure interesting you, or to leave as a decor. As a variant of the geometric manicure is the fashionable division of the nail into squares or segments with sharp angles.

Fashionable nail design - 2017 - 2018: patterns and stamping

Drawings on the nail plate are also not out of fashion. True, many girls neglect them, because they either do not know how to draw beautifully, or do not have enough time for this ...

It's time to discover the technique of stamping! For this, different sets are sold. Some apply to the nail "coloring", which you do color yourself. Others fill a multicolored pattern at once. Still others suggest drawing a pattern on the already painted nail (monophonic or with ombre). Important point: do not save on varnishes, only high-quality materials give the salon effect of such a manicure.

Fashion manicure - 2018 with Swarovski crystals

Sometimes a woman wants to shine in the literal sense of the word (especially at a solemn event). Decorate the marigold with Swarovski crystals! And it does not matter what will be the varnish under them and what is the length of your nails (or they are even grown). You will smash everyone on the spot.

The Ombre Effect - 2018

Also, you can be in the spotlight with a mischievous "gradient". Manicure with the effect of "ombre" remains one of the most fashionable hits of the season. The word ombre comes from the French "ombre" and denotes a color stretch. The color of the nails of the manicure ombre "plays" and smoothly changes the shades from the dark shade to the light one and vice versa. Using this technique, several shades can be used at once. Supplement to it are various sparkles, which are chaotically applied to the surface.

Marble nail design - 2017 - 2018

Another trend in 2018 are the marble nails. Natural shades of this manicure look noble and mysterious, and more catchy - bold, extremely fashionable and very individual. If you consider yourself a fashionista, in any case do not leave this nail onion without attention!

Fashionable nail design - 2017 - 2018 in the style of Galaxy

One of the most difficult techniques for the upcoming season is the Galaxy. In general, to create such a manicure under the power of each, most importantly, have the patience and a little bit of a hand. This nail design is good for its uniqueness (even doing a manicure with a girlfriend, you will create absolutely different drawings). Adding more star dust, you will do not the day, but the evening version of the manicure. Choose any cosmic body or phenomenon: a nebula, a galaxy, a meteor shower - and start to shine. And looking at the ready marigolds, you want to exclaim: fashion, you're just a space!

Fashion manicure with the effect of "Cat's Eye" - 2018

The design of nails with magnetic lacquers does not lose its relevance in 2018. The three-dimensional effect due to the refraction of light rays will make your nails stylish. Manicure with a magnetic varnish is increasingly supplemented with rhinestones, stones, various small patterns, becomes more difficult to perform.

Fashionable nail polish and color - 2018

What color varnishes need to pay attention in the store? First of all, on gothic: black, dark gray, deep purple, dark blue, eggplant, graphite or deep plum - in general, everything that will make your nails a little sinister, bewitching, magical. You can mix in a few manicure a few above listed varnishes: say, covering with a dark plum pattern black marigold. You can bring a little sun to this "night" by adding a light semicircle on top of the nail (say, brownish-gray on a black background).

Do you want brighter? Choose gold or shimmering silver. They look expensive, seductive, catchy, elegant, and most importantly - fashionable. Having made yourself a gold marigold, you can forget about the rings and other trinkets, because your main adornment will now be a manicure.

Fashion manicure with Scotch tape - 2018

If you have not heard about scotch tape, quickly catch up. It is with her help that you can make a super-popular striped manicure in 2018 - and it does not matter whether the lines are clear or not, thick or thin, painted in acid or pastel colors. Not bad "will converge" Scotch tape and with the French and moon manicure. Unlike the stencil, the tape falls better, thanks to which the "smile" is obtained much more accurately.

"Combined jacket"

Very beautiful will be the combination of the moon manicure and a jacket. In this case, the light semicircles are drawn both above and below the nail.

Form of nails - 2018

The fashionable form of nails - 2018 adheres to natural outlines: "almonds", "square" with beveled corners and "oval". With the help of these shapes, the hands of any lady will look elegant and refined. Neat, small nails can look as beautiful and stylish as long, the most important thing is to properly decorate them.

Summarizing the above, we can say with certainty that natural-length nails can be safely called the undoubted favorite of the upcoming season. This length has at once a number of advantages, among which the main is practicality. Short nails need minimal care, they do not need to be increased or adjusted. At the last shows on the models of nails, the length of the nail was not more than 0.5 cm.

In 2018, you can safely combine creative with naturalness. This promises to give an unsurpassed result, which is able to impress everyone around. Act on the situation, change the images and experiment, and you will always remain on the crest of fashion.

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