Nail extensions. Ways to build up, materials

Gel extensions of nails

Nails obtained by gel build-up have a beautiful smooth shape and impeccable appearance. This is due to the fact that the gels used in their structure are as close as possible to the properties of a natural nail.

Acrylic nail extensions

Using acrylic, you can quickly get strong and beautiful nails. Some disadvantages of the procedure of acrylic building overlap with a lot of advantages, for example, the ability to model the shape of accrued nails and apply all kinds of drawings to them.

nail extensions with biogel

Biogel nail extensions: advantages

Biogel is the most modern and safe material for nail extensions. It not only allows you to get nails of the right shape and size, but also nourishes and strengthens their natural nails structure.

Correction of nails

Incremental nails after some time necessarily require correction. The implementation of this procedure requires compliance with certain rules.

Removal of nails

If the appearance worsens after the build-up, or in order to rest your own nails, you should periodically resort to the procedure for removing the nails. This is a very important procedure, requiring a careful approach.

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