Nail care on the legs

Beautiful legs are the pride of any woman. But this beauty will not be full without groomed fingers, the attractiveness of which depends on the condition of the nails. Therefore, nail care on the legs is an indispensable attribute for maintaining your impeccable appearance.

To ensure that the toenails are always healthy and attractive, observe the following rules of care for them:

1. Regularly change shoes, stockings and socks to avoid diseases such as nail fungus.

2. Daily rinse your nails with soap and water or herbal decoctions (chamomile, celandine, mint) and remove dirt from under them with a special wooden or bone spatula, so as not to damage the natural fat pad of the inner surface of the nail.

3. Do not cut your toenails in a curved form, if you do not want to admit the problem of ingrown nail. Line cut should be straight, because only in this case the nail grows as a whole. Nails of great thickness and firm shear after preliminary steaming in hot water for no more than 10 minutes.

4. Cut the nail to be processed and polished with a nail file in the direction from the edges to the center, otherwise you can call it a coloring. It is better to use a specially designed for this purpose universal polishing nail file, which has several abrasive sheets, depending on the degree of processing.

5. All tools for pedicure, used in the treatment of nails, must be disinfected every time before use.

6. To restore the structure of the nails during their separation, treat the nail plates every evening before bedtime with iodine. For a day to protect the nail enamel, apply a colorless varnish.

7. To strengthen the nails and give them a healthy color, use a nail tray.

8. In case of problems with the health of nails, take timely measures to treat the nails.

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