What to do if the nails are cracked

Many women often complain that their nails are cracked. The reasons for this can be unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins in the body, stress and fatigue, problems with blood circulation, aggressive effects of detergents.

As prevention, you need:

- enrich the diet with foods rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals (especially calcium, silicon and iron) - cheese, nuts, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, beef, dried fruits, herbs, bananas, etc .;

- in autumn, winter and spring periodically take multivitamin complexes;

- observe the regime of work and rest;

- Use gloves when working with chemical cleaning agents.

Treatment includes: a) the application of moisturizing cuticles oils and creams; b) treatment of nails with olive oil or iodine; c) use of nail trays with sea salt and iodine; d) massage, strengthening the nails with vitamins A or E, which can be found in each pharmacy .; e) rubbing in the nails to give them strength ointments with beeswax.

The following recommendations should be observed during treatment:

1. Give nails to rest from varnish for at least 2 days every 5 days.

2. When removing varnish, use a liquid that does not contain acetone.

3. When grinding the nails in order to avoid their damage instead of metal nail file with a special coating. Do not cut the nails from the sides.

4. Give the nails a semi-square or oval shape so that they do not crumble.

5. Do not use cheap varnishes for nails of little-known manufacturers.

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