Drawings on nails

Drawings on nails are a great way to express yourself, to make your image brighter and more interesting, to display artistic abilities. In order to apply a beautiful pattern on your nails, you do not have to be a professional. The most important thing is your desire, creative approach to the process and a minimal set of manicure accessories.

For nail decoration we need a few varnishes of varnish of different colors, a varnish-fixer, as well as additional decorations for the original design - sequins, crystals, feathers, stickers, appliques, etc.

Drawings can be applied in various ways - with the help of a needle, a toothpick, a thin manicure brush, gel pens, a manicure pencil. It is recommended for beginner artists to buy stencils with ready-made designs in a specialized store. To use them very simply and quickly: paste on the nail plate, make a couple of dabs of varnish on top and tear off. It turns out very carefully.

So, before we start painting, we bring our nails in order. We take tweezers, scissors, a nail file and we perform classical manicure.

Drawings on the nails with gel pens

This is one of the easiest ways to decorate your nails. It is suitable for both a professional master and a beginner. Handles are easy to use, do not spread and are not smeared. The lines and patterns turn out to be sharp and thin. The failed drawing can easily be wiped off with water and repainted. It is recommended to purchase several pens with black and shiny paste in different shades.

1. Cover the nails with colored varnish to get the foundation for the future painting.

2. Draw the desired pattern on the nail.

3. Carefully fix the result with a clear varnish, so as not to smear the beauty.

  • Drawings on the nails with a needle
  • Water marble design
  • Chinese nail painting


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