Nails painting with acrylic

Bright, original manicure today is preferred by most girls. There are many technologies for nail design. Painting with acrylic paints is one of the simple popular ways to apply any artistic composition to the nails.

Learn how to paint nails with acrylic is easy enough. First you need to buy a special set of acrylic paints in the store. Brushes for painting choose the thinnest, number 1.

So, let's get to work.

1. Prepare nails for manicure, as usual (treat the cuticle, taper the shape of the nail file).

2. Acrylic paints better fit on nails, covered with varnish. Therefore, we apply the lacquer base of any color on the nails and let them dry.

3. Now proceed to painting with acrylic. If your paints are too thick, they need to be diluted a little with water or alcohol, otherwise the pattern will be uneven, cracked. Start with simple strokes and lines, for example, paint a leaf, a flower, a line, a spiral. To make the drawing seem voluminous, apply the paint in several layers.

4. Wait until the nails dry completely and cover them with a layer of transparent acrylic paint. This will fix your manicure for a long time.

Acrylic paint is convenient to apply with a needle, toothpick, a thin brush. As additional details it is fashionable to decorate the picture with rhinestones, sequins, colored sand, lace or acrylic modeling.

Do not be afraid to show imagination, and soon learn how to create real masterpieces!

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