Summer manicure

Summer manicure assumes the presence of bright saturated colors, magnificent patterns and incredible ornaments. Summer is the best time to bring to life the most daring fantasies in nail design.

That the summer manicure looked stylish and irresistibly we advise to adhere to the following recommendations:

1. In the new season in the fashion will be the naturalness, given to us by nature. Therefore, try to make your nails look as natural as possible. If necessary, nail the nails, make them a short length so that they protrude very little for the pads of the fingers.

2. Choose the color of the varnish by the color of the accessories to create a fashionable holistic image. The recommended colors are different shades of pink, purple, silvery-gray, green, turquoise and blue.

3. You can experiment with combinations on nails of two or more colors, or shades of the same color. The most stylish options: 1) the effect of "chameleon", resulting from the mixing of varnishes of two or more colors, resulting in nails shimmer in different shades, depending on the brightness of lighting; 2) a smooth transition from a darker to a lighter shade of one color from the thumb to the little finger and vice versa.

4. To brighten the nails on bright sunny days, use luster with a gloss effect, rhinestones and other decor elements that are fixed with a special nail glue. If you want to impress the uniqueness of the image, you can use the original bright stickers with 3D images of butterflies, flowers or fruits.

In general, do not hesitate to resort to various, sometimes bold experiments and a bright unforgettable summer to you is ensured!

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