Knitted manicure "Sweater" at home

In the cold we would be very hard without knitted things. Mittens and scarves, sweaters and thick socks - all this jersey warms our body, as well as the soul, creating that special charm of warm evenings with the smell of mulled wine and the vibrating light of candles. And that our winter image was really complete, fashion nail masters invented a so-called knitted manicure. And how we used to live without him!

On the painted marigolds, repeated patterns of shishechek and rhombuses, braids and loops are applied. A special chic is a manicure, repeating the color and texture of a sweater or a woven skirt worn over you. Original and three-dimensional, such patterns make you brighter, and winter - warmer. And, most importantly, "knitted sweater" can be worn not only on long, but also on short nails.

Fineness of applying a knitted manicure

To make the "drawing" really bulky, you need to do it on the basis of not simple, but gel varnish. Usual acrylic will not work.

Is it compulsory to run after him in the salon? Experienced women of fashion are sure: "tie" such a winter manicure can be at home, if you have the experience of creating pictures on your nails for yourself. Well, if you have never painted anything on your own, try it too - it is quite possible that after a short workout, everything will turn out for you, if not from the first, then from the third time - for sure.

What should I prepare for a knitted manicure?

Gel varnish (one or more colors), nail files, UV lamp, narrow brush (one or more, according to the color of the varnishes you need for the pattern).

How to make a knitted manicure at home: step by step instruction

The work will take place in several stages:

1. Remove the remnants of the old nail polish. Remove the cuticle.

2. Correct the shape of the nail plates.

3. Degrease each one.

4. Apply to the marigold base, which will make your future manicure if not eternal, then as durable as possible.

5. We apply the gel you like, we dry out every nail under the lamp. As a rule, to get the most saturated color, one layer of this varnish is not enough - apply and dry at least two layers.

Knitted nail design: varieties

The next steps and will create a knitted manicure. Since there are several kinds of such nail art, then you can work in different ways.

Gloss. You need a gel-varnish color, from which will be "knitting", as well as a thin brush. We draw zigzags, stripes, dots. Then draw the pattern again, for the already dried out pattern particles - this will make the pattern more textured. When these layers are completely dry, fix all this beauty top cover. Do not forget to remove the sticky layer. Due to all these actions, your woven nail art will not only come with a volume "viscous", but also with a brilliant glossy effect.

Frosted manicure . You need to start as described above. After you finish all the "loops" and dry them in a lamp, cover each nail with a matte coating. This will make your nails like "woolen".

Noble velvet . On the colored "backing", apply a glossy top. When it dries, draw a pattern of knitting, and then immediately sprinkle it with acrylic powder or velvet sand, without saving it. Now you can put the handles in the lamp. With a volumetric brush, brush off excess grains. This "procedure" will help you to create a curved, soft pattern with the smooth base of the nail. Well, if you want to make the whole nail dull, sand it with a buff (that is, a soft file) this shiny surface, or apply a matte top on it.

What color of varnish should I bet on? If you do not paint marigolds for a particular wardrobe thing, choose a pastel, soft tone - it will give your image a note of comfort and warmth. However, you can also "tie" your marigolds in bright colors.

Variants of patterns for knitted manicure

If you "copy" the already available sweater or leggings, you can "re-pattern" the pattern on the nails, but make it in the same, and in a contrasting color.

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