Strengthening of nails

The beauty of women's hands is largely determined by the flawless state of the nails. However, under the influence of factors such as a lack of vitamins, stressful situations, improper use of cosmetics, aggressive effects of chemical detergents, the structure of the nails is disrupted, they become weaker, stratify and become unattractive. Therefore, strengthening the nails is the main task that must be addressed in order that they are always strong, healthy and beautiful.

The main ways to strengthen nails, restore their structure and ensure healthy growth:

1. The inclusion in the daily diet of foods rich in vitamins and minerals useful for health nails (milk and sour milk products, eggs, lean meats, fish, nuts, vegetables and fruits, gelatin-based products, jelly and filling). In the winter-spring period - additionally taking multivitamin complexes.

2. Use of gloves in household work with the use of household chemicals.

3. Nourishing masks and nails .

4. Therapeutic massage of the nails from the base to the tips with the fingers and in the cuticle area with a soft brush treated with children's or glycerin soap.

5. Paraffin therapy of fingers in the cabin or at home.

6. "Sealing" of nails in a beauty salon, where they are applied to preparations containing useful vitamins, trace elements and nutrients.

7. Regular (at least 1 time in 2 weeks) applying manicure. Refusal of edging and transition to a dry European manicure.

8. Use Teflon nail files instead of metal.

9. The use of therapeutic varnishes to strengthen the nails (with the separation - varnish with fruit acids, with brittleness - with calcium).

10. Use to remove varnish liquid, not containing acetone.

Also it is necessary to remember that nails periodically need rest from cosmetics. Therefore, after every 5 days of wearing with a varnish, leave them for 2 days unpainted.

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