Nail design for Valentine's Day

It seems that only yesterday you drew snowflakes on your nails, celebrating the first day of winter, or snowmen and New Year's gifts. Soon the first flowers will go, but until spring comes, let's celebrate the day of love! Since the fashionable nail design this year should repeat the motives of the approaching holiday, you are surely already storming your fantasy, inventing the best manicure for Valentine's Day.

Nails design with hearts

The first thing associated with this day is red hearts. Large or small, alone or in pairs, punched with an arrow of the Cupid or decorated with a delicate ornament of flowers ... Choose yourself!

And most importantly - this pattern is easy to apply, so even a schoolgirl who will decide to charm her classmate in a gentle way, or - why not? - even a strict and unapproachable teacher of chemistry.

To complement such a manicure is a delicate shade (say, a pastel background for a print), sequins. But from the "square" and angular geometry, as well as impertinent prints it is better to refuse - they will only break your cute and romantic image.

Manicure for Valentine's Day: gentle sponges

If you are dreaming about the first kiss of a loved one, with whom for the time being just hold on to the handles, hint to him about your desire - draw a kissing couple. If it's hard, just pretend to be a "kiss." Paint your lips with a bright lipstick, press a napkin to them - and here is a model with which you can draw a pattern! It's simple, so if you have a brush for drawing on nails and a red lacquer, without the fancy nail art you definitely will not stay. Alternatively, you can combine patterns: on one hand to represent kisses, and on the second - hearts.

Manicure for Valentine's Day in pink tones

If you visit the office and all these lovely drawings can be found by your superiors, choose a jacket made in a red and pink palette. The second option: matte marigolds with glossy tips as a French manicure. Festivities image will add a few very tiny strazik.

Marble manicure, made in romantic gentle shades, will be very appropriate to look on the day of lovers. The pattern in the form of a heart is easy to draw with a toothpick even for a beginner.

Manicure for Valentine's Day with drawings

Many girls like the holiday pictures. Manicure experts advise using dots, and if you have nowhere to buy this device, use a sharp toothpick. It will help you to represent not only the heart, but flowers (for the day of lovers, traditionally - red, or any other shades), and even faces / figures from Love is.

By the way, you can decorate not all the pens, but only one nail - on the ring finger. It turns out such a fashionable decorative "zest", which will revive any, even the most restrained, nail art.

Does red seem too banal to you? In 2017, the actual will be gold and silver lacquers, acrylic figures, as well as the already mentioned rhinestones. They will add moods, and they will make you more visible, and they will help to shine on the holiday.

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