Ingrown nail

The ingrown nail (onychriptosis) is a fairly common disease, accompanied by acute pain, swelling and purulent discharge, caused by the ingrowth of the nail plate into the lateral edge of the nail roller. Most often this happens on the big toes. The causes of the disease are such factors as wearing tight shoes, flat feet and congenital pathologies of the feet, nail fungus, improperly performed pedicure.

Ingrown nail. Prevention.

To avoid the problem of ingrown nail, you need:

- Carry out careful care for nails: properly cut them, entrust pedicure to an experienced master in a beauty salon;

- refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes, especially with sharp socks;

- to treat the nail fungus in time;

- in the presence of flat feet and other pathologies of the foot, only special orthopedic footwear should be worn.

Treatment of ingrown nails

Treatment of ingrown nail, depending on the degree of development of the disease is made by one of the following methods: 1) treatment with folk remedies; 2) surgical treatment; 3) laser removal; 4) conservative.

The folk method of treatment is used at an early stage of the disease. It includes mostly proper nail shaving without leaving sharp edges that hurt the skin and applying warm nail baths with salt water that softens the skin.

In surgical treatment in a hospital environment, depending on the degree of inflammation, a partially or completely ingrown nail is removed along with an altered nail roller.

Laser removal of ingrown nail is the most effective and least traumatic method of treatment, during which laser correction of the inflammation focuses, which practically excludes re-ingrowth of the nail.

The conservative method of treatment helps to avoid surgical intervention due to the use of various corrective devices (special springs, plates, staples) that promote the gradual extension of the deformed nail plate.

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