Wedding manicure

On the hands of the bride during the wedding celebrations, much attention is focused. It is enough to imagine how many frames will be shot with an engagement ring on an anonymous finger to understand how important a beautiful wedding manicure is. You can entrust its creation to a professional master in a beauty salon, or done at home. The main thing is, take the proper time to create the splendor and you will get a stunning result!

The basic rules that must be adhered to when applying a wedding manicure:

1. The shape of the nails is allowed any - from oval to rectangular, but should ideally fit the style of the bride and have a well-groomed appearance.

2. Try to avoid defiantly bright colors and long nails.

3. The festive design of nails should ideally be combined with a hairdress and a wedding dress (for example, if the hairdress is decorated with flowers, you can make a manicure with a floral pattern, when decorating dresses with rhinestones, you can add rhinestones to the manicure etc.).

4. With increased fragility of the nails, it is recommended to build them up. It is better to do this for 7-10 days and adjust the day before the celebration in order to get used to the new length of nails and feel confident. Under a snow-white dress and a thin veil, gel build-up is ideal, giving the nails a graceful shape.

Classic French wedding is a French manicure, which gives the bride's hands an elegant look and looks admirable with any outfit.

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