How to choose the right shoes. Shoes and your style

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Beautiful shoes are capable of anything!

Shoes are capable of everything: to increase growth, to give slenderness to a figure, visually to make legs longer, more slender or on the contrary, to shorten. With the help of incorrectly selected shoes, you can emphasize the excessive fullness of the legs, and in general spoil the harmony of your style, even if you wear the most chic costume. Our next tips will help you avoid such mistakes, and with the help of shoes you will emphasize the dignity of your figure and harmoniously complement your image.

Choose shoes according to the shape

Women with low growth are better to choose thin heels up to 8 centimeters high. Shoes with very high heels are best not to wear, because when walking the center of gravity of the body shifts and you will lean forward.

Women with a magnificent figure . If you can not boast of a slender figure, when creating a harmonious style you should avoid very tall and thin studs. Elegant thickened heels with a height of 5-8 centimeters will help to give a proportional look to your figure.

stylish shoes Women with full calves and ankles need to choose shoes of simpler styles, you do not like too open, and too closed shoes. In order not to make a mistake with a choice, be sure to try on new shoes in front of the mirror to view them from all sides. Shoes should be as comfortable as possible.

Any fashionable detail in the area of ​​the ankle will break the leg line, as a result of which it will appear shorter and thicker. In order to visually extend the legs and make them slimmer, you will need boats and sandals with a deep cut from the front, shoes with an open shoe. Remember, the longer the profile of shoes, the more elegant your foot and ankle will appear.

In cold weather, the most advantageous option for you - elastic boots to the knees, neatly tightening the leg, which should be worn with skirts. For the summer season, sandals on the platform will perfectly suit you, they will create the effect of a more slim shank.

To the note for everyone: shoes on very thick platforms of black rubber is not suitable for any woman.

How to choose a suitable heel

The shape and height of the heel depends on the shape and length of your clothes, as well as on the type of fabric. To achieve harmony in style, do not wear tight, heavy clothes with sharp-nosed shoes on the hairpin.

Observe the simple rule: the denser and heavier the fabric of your clothing, the thicker and more powerful your heel should be. And vice versa, the more elegant the dress, the thinner the heel.

Shoes without a heel determine the length of the clothes. To these shoes fit shorter models of clothing: the pants should end at the ankle or above it, and the skirts and dresses are above the knee. If you wear shoes on a flat sole, make sure that your clothes are elegant, otherwise you will look casually dressed.

Low heel . Low-heel shoes can be of two types: first - moccasins with a heel of about 0.5 cm and the second - shoes with a heel higher, up to 1.5-2 cm. Most women like the second type. Shoes of this kind are very comfortable, in addition, it looks good with trousers, and with a skirt.

High heel. Many women prefer to wear high-heeled shoes not only in the evening, but also during the day, to work. In this case, you need to have a change of shoes at work. If you spend most of the day in very high shoes, you can not avoid health problems - leg pain, deformity of the foot. Winter shoes with high heels increase the risk of slipping. Therefore, everything is good in moderation.

As for style in clothes, shoes with very high heels require a certain length of dress: it should not be above the knee, or a couple of centimeters above the knee. If you want to wear a short skirt or mini-dress, choose shoes with a low heel.

Thin heel. A thin heel periodically comes into fashion. Fashion connoisseurs attribute it to a high style, so heeled shoes are better to wear with the most fashionable clothes. The classic style in clothes does not fit very well with these models of shoes. However, combined with stylish dresses and suits, as well as with wide trousers and capri pants, a thin heel can give harmony to your image as a whole.

Wide heel. If you can not boast of the harmony of your legs, a wide or tapered heel is your salvation. In contrast to this heel, the leg seems slimmer. Such models of shoes combined with a rich tan will give your legs a harmonious, harmonious silhouette.

Precautions: buy a model with straps, since a leg without a fixation on such a heel can turn up, and you will get a dislocation or an ankle strain.

Choose the color and material

When buying shoes from suede or woven materials, remember that despite its beauty and practicality it will quickly lose its freshness and after a month or two it will look shabby. Shoes from natural high-quality leather serve much longer with proper regular care. Note that the colder the season, the thicker the skin of your shoes should be.

Colour. Black shoes are suitable for any clothing. Therefore, if your budget allows you to buy yourself only one pair of shoes, choose black. If you prefer to go to work in a business style, neutral colors should prevail in your wardrobe. Exquisite, bright colors are appropriate to wear in the summer season.

With the help of bright shoes, you can revive any stylish outfit. Wear colored shoes with white clothes, khaki and pastel colors.

The accent in your image can be made only on one detail. If you want to surprise everyone with a chic, fashionable dress, your shoes should not be very noticeable. Conversely, calm clothes of neutral tones you can revive the outfit with the help of eye-catching stylish shoes.

Shoes. Define the style

A beautiful pair of stylish shoes will give a zest to the rest of the clothes. With the help of stylish shoes, you can add clothing to charm, audacity and sexuality. Do not skimp on high-quality and fashionable shoes. Remember: a lot of cheap shoes will not replace one pair of stylish shoes of high quality.

When buying shoes, evaluate yourself in the mirror. Fashionable shoes that do not fit you in shape or height of the heel can disrupt the harmony of your image.

Classic shoes. Classic shoes are always in high demand. Classic black shoes in your wardrobe play the same role as a "small black dress" or a starched white shirt among all the rest of the fashionable clothes. Their main advantage is the combination with most of the most popular styles in clothing. In addition, they are also very convenient, since they have a heel height of 3-4 cm. The shape of the classic models can vary according to the fashion. For example, the sharpest sock can quickly change to the most blunt.

If you choose shoes for trousers, choose models with a high tongue. With trousers the shoes look more stylish, if the foot is closed.

Evening shoes. Many women pick up evening shoes for specific fashionable outfits and events. However, it is convenient if you have one pair of evening shoes with a closed toe (from a black satin, for example) that will harmonize with any of your evening dresses.

For exquisite shoes there is only one time of the day: evening. But if you just need to look chic and in the afternoon, put on high heels with a closed or open toe.

Shoes with an open heel. These shoes will suit you if you can show off your beautiful legs, especially the calves and ankles. Since the heels will be open, do not forget to take care of their appearance. Especially stylish look such models of shoes with an open or sharp toe and thin heels.

Straps and buckles. If you are not happy with the silhouette of your feet, choose the most open shoes, without additional finishes and straps that attract attention.

The pronounced horizontal line of the strap makes the leg visually shorter. However, there are models with an oblique strap that goes to the ankle, which can look great on you. So try on and experiment!

Sport shoes. If you like jeans and sports style, this does not stop you from looking stylish. Pick something up on a flat sole or on a low wide heel, like "old school" tennis slippers.


"Metallic" sandals. Stylish leather sandals of golden or silver hues are always in fashion. Choose an elegant heel height of 5-8 centimeters and rounded sock - this stylish image does not go out of fashion.

Brown sandals. Buy a pair of light brown sandals for the summer - it's very convenient. They will fit most of the items in your wardrobe and are much more practical when worn than white or cream. The most popular models - with a heel of 3 cm. However, everything depends on your taste, style, shape.

When buying sandals, do not forget about the style, they should be combined with your clothes. Sandals with an open heel will look too defiant in combination with a classic costume.

Be careful with sandals on a very high stud - they look extremely sexy.

Choose stylish boots

high black boots High black boots. Such boots made of high-quality, elastic leather are universal and play the same role in the wardrobe as black boats. They always look expensive and will always be in vogue. Boots should fit your foot like gloves, otherwise your style will be spoiled. High boots to the knee can be worn only with skirts slightly overlapping the upper edge of the boot. Women of Balzac's age, long boots are best not to wear with short skirts.

High boots made of satin. These boots look very elegant and stylish in cold weather. Especially elegant will look like a pair with a classic sharp toe and a thin, elegant heel height of 5.5-8 centimeters.

Ankle boots. This shoe height up to the ankle is good to wear along with a pair of stylish trousers to create a continuous line of the leg. Both shoes and trousers need to be selected in one color or tonality.

Boots and short boots. Shoes and short boots always go well with trousers. Skirts with them are best not to wear, except that you can try the elongated models.

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