How to determine the face oval

how to determine the face oval

There are 7 basic oval faces : the correct oval, oblong, square, round, triangular, the so-called oval "heart" and the oval "diamond". The face oval is determined by the ratio of the width of the forehead to the width of the chin, and also by the proportion of the length and width of the face.

Sometimes an oval face can be conditionally attributed immediately to two of the listed categories - this is the so-called "combined" oval. In this case, in order to emphasize facial features and hide its shortcomings, you need to use the appropriate correction methods.

To determine the shape of the face oval is very simple: to do this, it is enough to remove the hair from the face (for example, to collect them in the tail at the back of the head) so that its contours are clearly visible. Then the person should be conditionally divided into proportional parts:

Vertically (divide into three equal parts)

1. From the line of hair growth to the bridge of the nose

2. From the nose to the tip of the nose

3. From the tip of the nose to the chin.

In the horizontal direction, the face also needs to be conditionally divided into three equal parts, also from the hair growth line and to the imaginary line passing through the pupil.

1. From the line of hair growth to the pupil of the right eye

2. From the pupil of the right eye to the pupil of the left eye

3. From the pupil of the left eye to the hair growth line

This task becomes even easier if the reflection of the face in the mirror is divided into parts by lipstick or a cosmetic pencil - then the result will be obvious!

Having determined the type of the face oval , you will be able to choose the right hair and hair color, as well as makeup, which will best emphasize facial features, adjust the outline of the forehead, cheekbones, eyes, nose and chin.

"Ideal" is usually considered an oval face, in which the classical proportions of female beauty are preserved - its width is approximately? length. So, having determined the type of the face oval and remembering the conditional standard, select the appropriate make-up aimed at correcting the imperfections of the face.

Each person is individually and unrepeatably, so guiding the contours and correct use of the shadows helps to hide the imperfections of the face and give it a sculpted finish.

Define the type of face oval:

Oval: perfectly symmetrical face, the length of the face is one and a half times wider than the width, feminine roundness and completeness of the features.

Square: the width of the forehead and cheekbones roughly corresponds to the width of the chin, the facial features are sharper and straight.

Rectangular / oblong: the length is wider than the width, whiskey and chin are in the same vertical plane, the length is wider than the width.

Round: wide forehead, round cheeks, width approximately corresponds to the length.

Oval "heart": narrow chin, the face gradually expands to the temples.

Oval "diamond": wide cheekbones, narrow forehead and chin.

Oval "triangle": narrow forehead, wide chin and jaw.

However, it is even more important than determining your oval face - to be able to "place accents", i.e. taking into account the type of the face oval, objectively analyze facial features: the eyes (their cut and size), the nose (its length and shape), the cheekbones (prominent or barely marked), the lips (thin, full, large or small) and decide how emphasize virtues and hide faults. Change the face relief and visually adjust facial features by using the correct alternation of light and shadow.

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