Oval face. How to choose the perfect style

Women with oval face shape are lucky: this type of person is considered the most ideal. This form of face can be compared to an inverted egg, which narrows downward. Your facial features are most likely proportional.

What hairstyle to choose for an oval face?

In terms of choosing a haircut, you are very lucky - you can make any fantasy, and no hair will not spoil you. As already mentioned, you are very lucky with the form. However, some tips you should still listen to, so that your image was perfect!

  • When choosing a haircut, pay attention to your type and thickness of hair. For thin, thin hair, haircuts will fit up to the middle of the chin with milled tips. Also, pay attention to facial features, if they need correction, some details in the hairstyle will help you.

  • If you like bangs, you can safely wear them. As for the shape and thickness of the bangs, you can completely rely on your own taste. However, remember that the bangs must match your facial features.

  • You can choose any length of hair. Pay attention only to two points: the presence of glasses and the shape of the nose.

  • Women over the age of 40 are not recommended to wear hair below their shoulders, and try to remove hair from the face.

    Choose glasses for an oval face shape

    For your face shape, any glasses other than oval are suitable. The thickness of the frame you can also choose to your taste.

    However, the width of points to pay attention is still worth: they should be the same width as your face, you can be a little wider. Also, you must observe the proportions: the smaller the size of your head, the smaller the points, and vice versa.

    Which hats are suitable for an oval face?

    Here you can also afford any experiments. If the hat is convenient for you, then it is worth wearing it. However, consider the shape of the nose and the presence of glasses.

    Be careful when choosing exclusive hats with wide margins. Fields wider than the shoulders can spoil your harmonious proportions of the face.

    And one more rule when choosing hats: pay attention not only to the shape of the face, but also to the proportion of your body. If you are short, and you have a narrow bone, you should also choose small hats.

    Earrings for oval face shape

    Long or large earrings will be perfect for you, but thanks to the correct face shape, you can wear anything. However, when choosing earrings, one should consider not only the shape of the face, but also the size of the head, and the proportions of the body.

    What eyebrows are suitable for an oval face?

    You should stick to the line of eyebrows that nature has given you. A natural bend will accentuate your dignity. However, if you want to follow fashion trends, you can choose the shape of your eyebrows for every taste.

    Makeup for the oval face

    Since in correction your face does not need, you can safely experiment with makeup. To emphasize the proportions of the face, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • When applying makeup, try to keep the natural shape of the face.
  • Blush should be applied under the cheekbones and lead towards the upper edge of the ear.

    Remember that your face shape allows you to experiment with the style. With the help of our advice, you can easily find your ideal image.

  • Chest for an oval face

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