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pedicure at home

How to make a pedicure?

Beautiful legs are an ornament of any woman. But this beauty will be imperfect without caring for the heels, which consists in a competently executed pedicure. Having mastered the technique of its independent execution at home, you will achieve tremendous results in a short time and will not be shy around others, putting on your shoes.

Foot baths: effective recipes

Home foot baths can quickly remove fatigue and swelling, soften rough skin on the heels, heal small wounds and even deep cracks. Here are the most popular recipes.

New Year's pedicure - 2017

Fashionable pedicure is an obligatory attribute for a well-groomed woman. New-year design of nails should be chosen not only with a festive outfit, but also with the symbols of the year.

Care for heels

Skin Care for Heels is a responsible procedure for the beauty and health of our body. It should be done regularly. You can successfully master the technique of heel care at home so as not to resort often to the services of expensive beauty salons, for visiting which there is not always enough time and money.

Cracks on the heels. Folk treatment

Unfortunately not all ladies can boast of well-groomed skin on their feet to the onset of the summer season. Most often with improper care on the heels, cracks occur. There are several effective ways to get rid of these troubles.

foot care

Foot care

Delicate and pink heels are the result of proper care of the feet. It is important to know and observe all the nuances of this responsible procedure.

Home nail design: simple lessons of fashion manicure

If you are a creative person, and you are full of bright ideas, you will like such a creative and useful lesson as a home design of nails. This is one way to harmlessly change your image and reflect your mood in appearance ...

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