Causes of hair loss

causes of hair loss

Hair loss is a natural process in which old hair falls out and is replaced with new ones. Normally, a person can drop 60-100 hair per day. But if the hair begins to fall out intensely, this should be cause for concern.

Pull a bunch of hair on the temples and on the crown. On his hands each time there are several hair? You need to deal with hair treatment. But first you need to establish the cause of the fallout.

  • Hair loss after childbirth. How to keep your head of hair?

    Causes of hair loss

    1. Iron deficiency (anemia). Anemia is more common in women because of the monthly blood loss during critical days. Deficiency of iron can develop as a result of various fashionable diets. With a low hemoglobin, paleness of the skin, weakness, drowsiness, lethargy is observed. If you notice the above symptoms, do a blood test. At a low level of hemoglobin, take medications with iron. Products rich in iron - beef, apples, tomatoes.

    2. Stress. Always remain calm - and your hair will constantly shine with beauty and youth. Have you ever noticed that even after a little nervous shocks and stresses with your hair, problems begin? If you quickly stop stress, hair loss quickly returns to normal, the vessels of the scalp recover quickly. If your nerves are constantly "at the limit", the vessels on the head strongly narrow, and hair loss is already chronic.

    3. Diseases. Health and beauty of hair is a thermometer of the state of our body. Diseases and malfunctions in the body can trigger hair loss. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland, an increase in the adrenal gland, diabetes, venereal diseases and chronic inflammatory processes affect the density of our head of hear. Therefore, if your hair falls out for no apparent reason, and vitamins and masks do not bring results, we advise doing a comprehensive examination of the body.

    4. Side effects of drugs. Today it is fashionable to take medicines in large quantities, with or without an occasion. More than a hundred are known for the amount of drugs that provoke hair loss. In the risk group for the hair in the first place consist hormonal means, for example, birth control pills. Means from high blood pressure, diuretics, antidepressants, steroids and even aspirin can threaten the health of the hair. Before using medicines, you should familiarize yourself with the side effects, and if there is a threat of hair loss, ask the doctor to replace the medicine with another one.

    5. Improper care. How often do you put your hair to chemical stress? Paint, curling, styling products worsen the structure of the hair, weaken the roots of the hair. Thermal cushions, hair curlers and hair dryers dry and damage the hair, which can cause loss. Try to abandon these procedures, or at least give hair a rest for recovery. Do not wear wigs and hairpieces often, they restrict the breath of the scalp. Also, do not tighten and pull your hair. A huge role in the condition of the hair has the right choice of caregivers - masks, balms.

    6. Biological supplements. Newfangled biological supplements, for example, for losing weight, can cause hair loss. With special care, apply to additives containing selenium, as well as substandard imported herbs with a high content of heavy metals.

    7. Hormonal disorders. Hair loss can provoke an excess of male sex hormone - testosterone. Testosterone levels can often increase in women during menopause, adolescence and pregnancy. In the postpartum period, a significant loss of hair can be triggered by a decrease in the level of the female hormone estrogen. In this case, the correct selection of hormonal preparations will help to solve the problem of loss. Do not try to self-medicate. We advise you to consult a specialist in hair - trichologist.

    8. Disturbance of blood supply to the vessels of the head. Circulation may be affected in the following cases:

  • If you go without a headdress in cold, frosty and windy weather
  • if you constantly wear wigs, hairpieces
  • if you wear tight, complex hairstyles
  • drink a lot of coffee, which dramatically expands and then sharply narrows the blood vessels. Increases the effect of negative effects on hair when adding cognac or liqueur to coffee

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