How to deal with acne

The problem of treating acne is a complex approach. It is important to choose the right medicines , to comply with the diet, to implement the necessary rules of hygiene. Effective methods of acne treatment are offered by modern medical centers and beauty salons.


Only the drug treatment and cosmetic procedures will not solve the problem.

During the treatment of acne, observe the prescribed regimen, keep to a diet, sleep at least 8 hours a day and play sports.

It is necessary to limit, or completely stop using excessively sharp, sour, sweet and fatty foods. They lead to aggravation of acne. It is necessary to eat as little old fruit and vegetables as possible, this does not apply to potatoes, it is necessary to drink as much juice as possible.

With acne and comedones are useful:

  • Lactic acid products, fruits, vegetables - they are a source of calcium.
  • Fish, cottage cheese, cheese and eggs, which are a source of phosphorus.
  • Vegetables, yeast and corn flour, which give the body vitamin B.
  • Rosehip, lemons, sauerkraut, black currant, containing a large number of vitamin C.
  • Raisins, cabbage, prunes and apricots, replenishing the lack of potassium.
  • Beef liver, soy, beans and peas rich in chrome.
  • It is best if the food is cooked and baked at the same time, but fried food, no matter how much you want, is not worth it. You need three to four times a day. The food should be high-grade, therefore for this time it is possible to forget about diets.


    Low-fat products that do not clog pores are the best remedy for skin prone to rashes. People with oily, pimply skin are advised to use cosmetics only on a fat-free basis.

    All fatty cosmetics only aggravate acne, and those of them that are created on the basis of Vaseline and Lanolin, people with acne are simply contraindicated. Greasy creams block the sebaceous glands even more, so the skin condition worsens.


    Now about hygiene. The best soap for washing is a mild soap that does not irritate the skin. Wash face with soap in the morning and evening. You can use modern tonics for washing, but be sure to choose a series "for oily skin prone to acne."

    Do not rub your face too much - the irritation will only increase, and the acne from such actions will not be less accurate. If instead of soap you use milk, use a tonic to remove it, otherwise the pores will continue to clog.


    You can not squeeze pimples, because Bacteria can penetrate deeper into the skin and a furuncle is formed. If the furuncle is formed, it must be opened, otherwise an uncorrectable scar may appear. Although, of course, this is still infrequent - if something similar was with relatives. If the pimple is not touched, the white blood cells will gradually destroy the living bacteria.


    To treat acne, two types of medicines are used : external, when the skin is treated with various ointments and lotions, and internal, when you need to drink medicine. Sometimes these two methods are combined in the treatment of acne.

    Try to start treatment with traditional medicine . They are not addictive, and there are almost no side effects. In neglected cases, it is difficult to get rid of the jaws yourself, you should go to the salon to a specialist .

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