Causes of acne on the face

causes of acne Any rashes on the skin do not adorn the woman. Therefore, even occasional pimples quite often take us out of ourselves. Most acne rashes during adolescence, at the most golden age for dating. In this article we will understand the causes of acne and how to deal with acne .


In the depths of the skin in large quantities are the sebaceous glands. They excrete sebum, which protects our skin from the adverse effects of the external environment. The glands are connected with the skin surface by narrow ducts. With the problem skin, the walls of these ducts harden, sebum can accumulate in the ducts and clog them, forming a thrombus. If there is air access to such a thrombus, a "black dot" is formed - an open acne, if there is a small layer of skin above it, then a "white spot" or a closed eel is formed.

where are the pimples WHERE ARE THERE EXPERIENCES?

Sebum is a suitable breeding medium for bacteria. Therefore, some acne can develop into typical pustular skin rashes. If the wall of the blocked follicle breaks, dead skin cells, fat and bacteria enter the dermis. To prevent the spread of infection in the lower layers of the skin, our body increases the number of white blood cells. The inflamed skin turns red, and the white blood cells, mixed with dead skin cells, fat and bacteria, accumulate in the follicle, forming pus. This is the so-called pimple.

The most acne is where there are more sebaceous glands - on the face, on the back and on the upper chest. In other places there are much fewer or none at all.

"PROBLEM" age for acne

In adolescence, the main reason for the appearance of pimples are androgens - male sex hormones. They start to be developed in the period of puberty - at this time the first spots appear: in girls from 10-11, and in boys from 12-13 years. Rapid growth of hormones in the blood provokes the release of sebaceous glands more skin fat. Hormones may be the cause of excess keratin blocking the follicular exits, which is expressed in a typical skin lesion - acne.

Androgens are produced all life, but fortunately, despite this, acne disappears by 22-25 years. At someone, the truth, they remain for all life, therefore it is impossible to tell exactly, after what time they will disappear.

affecting the appearance of acne

Modern specialists believe that the main causes of skin rashes are:

1. Oily skin. This type of skin accumulates keratogialin, bacteria and fats in individual hair follicles; The largest follicles located on the face, chest and upper back are most vulnerable.

2. Psychological factors, stress. Stress affects the level of adrenaline release, which affects the condition of the skin;

3. Heredity - in many cases, rashes on the skin are associated with heredity;

4. Hormonal background. Excessive maintenance of any hormones can be the reason of an eruption of spots. Everyone has both female and male hormones; in women, this phenomenon can be associated with the menstrual cycle. The use of contraceptive pills also changes the hormone level in the body, and this can be one of the reasons.


  • cosmetic products - based on fats and clogging pores (komodegenic).

  • excess moisture contributes to the appearance of irritation on the skin - wet, windy weather, frequent visits to the pool.

  • excessive use of various products. It is certainly known about such substances as vitamins B-6 and B-12, but, again, for each person there can be a product, after using which he and the street to go ashamed of.

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