how to apply blusher

How to apply blusher correctly

RUMYANA is the top of the makeup. Imposed correctly, they instantly refresh and revitalize the face.

Color: almost all fit reddish-brown and pink blush. Light-skinned women are better to use pink and beige tones. The swarthy skin looks good plum, chestnut and dark - bronze blush. Pay attention to the color of lipstick: if you go pink, orange or brown shades, choose a blush of the same scale. The cheeks should not be bright, so choose muted shades.

What kind of rouge to choose: the most popular form of blush is dry. They are easy to apply, they remain on the surface of the skin without clogging the pores. But they need to be applied to the base or - even - better colorless powder. Liquid blush spoil your fingers, but look great. They can be applied without a foundation, giving the face a fresh, unadulterated appearance. But for the porous skin, the liquid blush is not good.

How to apply blush: first, you need to buy a good brush. The quality and size of the brushes, which are usually attached to blush, usually want the best. The brush should be made of natural soft and dense pile approximately 3 cm long and 3.5 cm wide and slightly rounded.

How much blush to impose: if the blush becomes distinguishable, then there are already a lot of them. Look in the mirror - if the cheeks stand out on the face, you are repainted. To somewhat muffle the color, put a thin layer of powder on top of the blush.

Where to put blush: a broad smear should be applied to the cheekbone and a little lower, but in no case do "tiger strip" on the top of the cheekbone. Draw an imaginary line connecting the pupil and the center of the cheek. Touch the point of intersection of this line and the line of the cheek with a brush. Now, blend the stain towards the ear. If you have a narrow face, apply blush followed by horizontal strokes. If wide - smears at an angle of 45 degrees. A little blush on the wings of the nose will make it thinner.

A round face - blush is applied from the middle of the cheekbone to the temple.

Square face - rouge is applied in the form of a triangle, the underside of which is parallel to the chin.

Triangular face - blush is applied in the form of a triangle, the upper side of which is parallel to the lower eyelid.

Broad cheekbones - blush applied parallel to the chin from the middle of the cheekbone to the ear.

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