Sec off the ends of the hair. How to care

split ends of hair

If you are the owner of long hair, you are probably familiar with this problem. Who regularly cuts his hair, split ends of hair are less common.

The longer the hair, the thinner its protective layer. The cuticle is destroyed, as a result the structure (fibers) of the inner layer of the hair is stratified.

Most often this happens at the tips of the hair, but the hair can be damaged and along the entire length.

Look closely at your hair: at the tips they are lighter than others? You should go to the hairdresser's. As a rule, 2-3 cm should be cut.

If you severely cut hair - pay more attention to their protection. After all, split ends are the result of either physical or chemical stress of hair - careless combing, styling, coloring, etc. There can be only one treatment here - scissors ...

How can we overcome the problem of split ends?

1. If you can not do without a hair dryer, be sure to use a cool mode. Flows of cold air soften and moisten the hair that is doused.

2. Eat more fluid. Water supports our body and hair in a tone and moisturizes them from the inside.

3. Wet hair is very vulnerable, so do not comb them, put them in wet, you can stretch them and loosen them. Try to use the comb less often - no more than 2 times a day.

4. If the hair is tangled, it is better to break them into small strands and try to carefully untangle them with your fingers, starting from the tips, gradually rising up to the roots.

Discard the brushes with metal teeth. The comb or comb with rare teeth is less traumatic for the hair. You can also use a wooden brush.

5. Pay attention to the quality of the used pins. They should not have flaws and uneven ends.

6. Hide the hair from the sun. UV rays overdry and discolor hair.

7. In the cold season and in windy weather, you should collect long hair and stab. Frost and wind do not reflect well on the hair.

If you wear woolen clothes or things made of artificial fibers, avoid contact with them. This will protect your hair from excessive electrification.

8. Cut your hair with sharp scissors. Blunt scissors will damage the structure of the hair. Cut your hair regularly, at least every two months.

9. More often consult with experts, what means on care of hair to you approach or suit more, and select them under the type of hair.

10. Try to dye your hair less. Any paint, regardless of quality, dries the hair, making them more brittle. Maybe you should remember grandmother's recipes? After all, to give a shiny shade to the hair is possible with the help of natural natural dyes such as chamomile, henna, walnut shell, etc.

11. Your hair needs moisturizing! Try to moisten them more and more often. Stratification of hair begins because it lacks moisture, it loses natural fats.

Masks for split ends of hair

To strengthen the cuticle of hair, choose a high-quality therapeutic drug in the pharmacy, or use home hair masks .

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