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How to choose the earrings correctly

Correctly selected earrings play a big role in the image of a woman. The shine of the stones will help make the look more expressive, the shape of the earrings will emphasize the dignity of the face.

To choose your ideal earrings, you need to determine your oval face , as well as take into account the color of the skin and eyes. Listen to the following tips.

Pick up earrings in the shape of the face

If you have a narrow face , try on earrings of round or convex shape. The face of the earring or clips, like big buttons, will visually widen.

A broad face will be decorated with thin oblong earrings, in the form of chains, strings or pendants. The shape of the earrings should be flat.

The round face looks great earrings square and elongated shape. Long pendants will visually lengthen your face, approaching the ideal oval shape. But earrings of round shape and in the form of rings you should avoid. They can make your face wider.

The elongated oval of the face can be adjusted using earrings of round shapes. You will fit wide large earrings resembling the shape of a circle or square, as well as earrings in the form of rings. Try to avoid long earrings with pendants, especially below the chin, they visually make the face longer.

The square shape of the face will be decorated with round or triangular earrings. You can also experiment with thin long pendants. Excellent will look at you earrings in the form of droplets and various forms of rings. Your goal is to visually lengthen the face, so the shape of the earrings should be longer than the width. Discard the square earrings.

If you have the right oval face, you can be envied: when choosing earrings, you can not pay attention to their shape.

That the earrings harmoniously looked on your face, it is necessary to pay attention also to the ear lobe. If the lobe is small, the earrings of an elongated shape, without shine, will look good. On the large earlobe, it is better to wear flat-shaped earrings. On thin lobe only miniature light earrings look good.

Choosing the color of metal

Stylists advise to pay attention to the color of the metal from which the earrings are made. Ideally, it should harmonize with the shade of your skin, otherwise the earrings will look like a "foreign body" to you.

If the shade of your skin is warm, golden, or swarthy, then you are a representative of the color type "spring" or "autumn", and you are recommended to wear earrings of metals with a golden or warm bronze hue. Correctly matched metal color to the skin will make your eyes shine in a special way.

Girls with a cold color (if the skin has a bluish subtle), you should choose earrings with a cold metallic luster - silver, platinum, nickel silver. They will refresh your complexion.

Gold earrings without inserts will suit everyone.

Choose stones for the color of the eyes

To emphasize the expressiveness of your eyes, when buying earrings, pay attention to the color of the stones.

To stones in earrings combined with the color of the eyes, you must observe the rules of harmony or the contrast of shades.

For example, blondes with light eyes can emphasize their individuality with the help of light, sparkling inserts, and if the eyes are dark, choose stones of warm shades, for contrast.

A look at brunettes will become brighter if you wear earrings with bright colored stones.

Gray-green eyes will appear brighter if you wear earrings with inserts of stones with a greenish tint - malachite, agate, turquoise, beryl, garnet.

If the green eyes have yellow patches on the iris, you will be fine with stones of shades of chrysolite.

Heavenly blue eyes are advantageously accentuated with earrings with stones from turquoise, lapis lazuli, or black agate. They will not only decorate you externally, but also give energy. By the principle of contrast, the stones of a light orange and golden hue, as well as all shades of blue, blue and violet, will look great on you.

Earrings with bright, saturated inserts are suitable for dark or brown eyes . It can be ruby, pomegranate, topaz, coral, amethyst. An advantageous contrast will create earrings with white or transparent stones - rock crystal, pearl, amber.

If you have radiant, sparkling eyes, emphasize them with luminous stones of diamonds or rock crystal.

Tip: bright, expensive, jewelry should be worn according to their intended purpose - for a celebration, a theater or a visit. In the working environment, they will look irrelevant.

power of earrings

Astrology of earrings

When choosing earrings, many prefer to follow the advice of not only stylists, but also astrologers. And it is not surprising, because in the ear there are many active points that affect the health of our internal organs.

Since ancient times, women knew that correctly selected stones can help us improve energy exchange with outer space and improve health, so we put on jewelry in accordance with the lunar days.

On Monday, the moon day, astrologers advise wearing pearls, crystal, amazonite, moonstone.

On Tuesday, on the day of Mars, wear ornaments from amethyst, hyacinth, jasper, coral.

On Wednesday, the day of Mercury, it is good to wear pearls, rock crystal, agate, chrysolite.

Thursday, Jupiter's day, prefers sapphire, lapis lazuli, marble, turquoise.

On Friday, the day of Venus wear beryl, jade, turquoise, emerald, pearls.

Saturday is the day of Saturn, noble influence will have onyx, jasper, topaz, malachite on you.

Sunday is the day of the Sun. Choose jewelry from ruby, chrysolite, diamond.

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