How quickly to grow hair?

accelerate hair growth Far from all have the patience to grow long hair - in some they grow very slowly, others sekutsya, break and get neglected appearance.

Are there ways to help speed up hair growth? We bring to your attention the advice, which should pay attention to everyone who wants to have a chic, thick head of hair.

How to grow hair fast?

1. "Feed" the hair with essential nutrients and vitamins.

2. Revitalize the hair roots and capillaries of the scalp with the help of home hair growth masks.

3. Use natural hair growth activators


Deficiency of nutrients, sluggish circulation. When the body can not provide the scalp with the nutrients necessary for normal hair growth, the hair slows its growth.

In this case, the follicles become passive, they seem to "rest", but still retain all their functions. When the necessary nutrients arrive in the follicles, a rapid growth of the new hair begins.

"Nourish" the hair can be both outside and inside. When you take special vitamins and supplements, the nutrients from them get into the blood and spread throughout the body.

For rapid growth of healthy hair, minerals such as calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silicon, selenium, sulfur and zinc are needed.

Nourishing oils for hair growth

Some nutritive oils are able to feed the hair with a rich complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for their full growth. Hot oil wraps with oils strengthen the blood flow to the head, as a result, nutrients penetrate deep into the roots of the hair.

The most valuable oils for the content of useful substances for hair are: burdock, castor, sea buckthorn, cedar, wheat germ, olive, almond, mustard.

Thanks to the content of a huge amount of essential fatty acids, the oil is absorbed into the scalp and restores the roots of the hair.

Healing herbs for hair growth

Some herbs are a strong stimulator of hair growth, improve blood circulation and saturate with nutrients. The most pronounced properties are: nettle, burdock, calamus root, bay leaf, rosemary, hop cones, aloe . You should prepare a decoction of one or more herbs (2 tablespoons of dry leaves per liter of water), cool and rinse them with ringlets after each wash, rubbing the product into the roots of the hair.

Essential oils that stimulate growth

Hair care with essential oils is not only useful, but also a pleasant procedure that takes minimum time. For hair growth apply esters of rosemary, cloves, cinnamon, lavender, cedar, pine, ylang-ylang . We give several ways to use them.

Aromatic grinding. Kapnite 1-2 drops of ether on the comb and carefully comb the hair, massage the roots of hair.

Rinsing. 2-3 drops of ether dissolve in a liter of water and rinse the hair after washing.

Masks. Add a couple of drops of ether to any home hair mask. Nutritional components of the mask will better penetrate into the hair bulbs.

Enrichment of cosmetics with ethers. Add a drop of ether to a single serving of your shampoo, balm or conditioner. Make sure that cosmetics contain a minimum of chemical additives, otherwise in combination with esters, harmful components will be more active.

Pharmaceutical preparations for hair growth

If you are well versed in the properties of drugs from the pharmacy, you probably know that using inexpensive means to improve blood circulation and nutrition of the scalp, which will significantly affect the growth of hair.

Dimexide. One of the most effective and at the same time radical ways to accelerate the growth of hair is a mask with dimexid. With the help of nourishing masks with the addition of dimexide, you can strengthen the hair, stop falling out, improve their appearance, increase the growth rate to 3 cm per month.

A mask with dimexidom is simple enough to cook at home, but it should be followed quite strictly.

Actovegin, Solcoseril, Essentiale These drugs have long taken note for themselves beauties who dream of luxurious braids. Means intensively nourish skin cells, activate blood circulation, increase the flow of oxygen to the hair bulbs. They are more convenient to use in the form of a gel or capsule with liquid contents. For more information on the rules for using drugs, see the catalog below.

How to improve the blood circulation of the scalp?

1. Massage. To improve the circulation of the scalp also helps a thorough massage. When massaging the scalp, the hair follicle stimulates, which ultimately also accelerates the growth of the hair.

Try to dedicate scalp massage at least 10 minutes every day, and very soon the results will pleasantly surprise you.

2. Yoga. Yoga exercises effectively help restore normal blood circulation, and also improve the flow of blood to the hair follicles. As a result, hair growth is accelerated. The most common exercise is a stand on the head.

Natural Hair Growth Biostimulators

Some plants have "burning" properties, ie when applied to the skin cause blood flow. Here are the most popular products that are added to masks to accelerate hair growth.

Mustard. Dry mustard powder is added to the masks on a fatty basis (with mayonnaise, sour cream, oils) to soften its effect on the skin.

Red pepper is ideally combined in masks with burdock oil, strengthens its useful properties for hair. Tincture of red chili pepper on alcohol or oil can be added to any hair mask.

Ginger - a popular stimulator of hair growth with a softer effect on the skin. It is useful to mix with honey and oils.

Cinnamon has a beneficial effect on hair growth, contains many trace elements and has burning properties. In the mask with cinnamon, add honey, butter and yolk.

Coffee is also a stimulator of hair growth due to the caffeine content, which enhances blood circulation. Strong coffee decoction rinses hair after washing.

Onions and garlic are an ancient means to accelerate hair growth. They warm up the skin and contain a rich complex of trace elements. Their juice or gruel is effectively mixed with honey, egg, oils.

Improper care

With improper handling of hair, their growth often slows down. Therefore, it is very important to use properly selected care products and observe the styling technique. Avoid using harsh chemicals. Use a good hair brush.

Do not let your hair get very dirty. Skin fat, bacteria and dirt envelop the roots of hair and prevent them from "breathing", which leads to a slowing of hair growth. Proper head washing plays a huge role in the health of your hair.

Regularly trim the hair ends you've seen, at least once a month and a half or two months. This will significantly help to accelerate the growth rate of hair.


Stress also plays an important role in the reproduction of hair cells - the more often you experience stress, the slower your hair grows. Have a rest and relax properly. Go to bed early and try to sleep properly.

Stimulators for rapid hair growth

To date, cosmetic lines offer various types of hair follicle stimulants, both external and internal, that promote hair growth and strengthening. Of folk remedies, pepper tincture is considered the most effective growth stimulator.

Rosemary is an important ingredient that improves the structure of the hair. Mix the water and rosemary in equal proportions (a cup of rosemary for a cup of water). Add the resulting solution to the shampoo (in proportion 2 to 1) and rinse the hair.

Rosemary helps to open clogged pores of the scalp, which accelerates the growth of hair. With rosemary you can make tea; It is very useful for the general tone of the body, improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

In folk medicine there is a large number of home masks that activate hair growth.

A great role for the growth of healthy hair is played by proper nutrition and vitamins for the hair .

Pay attention to the following tips:

- Keep a balanced diet.

- Try to limit the use of coffee. Coffee disrupts the circulation of the scalp.

- If possible, avoid smoking (including passive). Nicotine destroys the structure of the hair.

- Drink plenty of water to remove toxins from the body.

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