Home hairstyles for medium hair

home hairstyles for medium hair Original Haircut: straight hair below the shoulders is cut with a dentate contour or stairs. From the front, the contour line rises to the level of the line of the mouth. Ideal haircut for thick hair.


hairstyles for medium hairhairstyles for medium hairhairstyles for medium hairhairstyles for medium hairhairstyles for medium hair .



1. Youth style

Picking from the hair on a separate strand, randomly fix it from above. Spread the tips (you can scratch them) and lay them with a gel.

2. Business mood

Divide the hair into a straight parting, tie two ponytails on each side, wrap it around the thin strands. The front curls should be left loose (you can fix them slightly with a hair styling gel).

3. Charm

Screw the hair into large curlers. Divide into an oblique part and lay with the help of a curler comb and a hair dryer inside.

4. Romantic encounter

Hair to wind on large curlers, comb along the head with a round brush. Divide into an oblique part and shake. You can, by shaping individual strands, fix them with gel for styling.

5. Evening chic

Hair is divided into two parts. Rear part of the hair lift high up and roll on the head with a shell. Freeze. The front of the hair is wound on large curlers and put large curls in front of the knot. Secure with a hair spray.

haircut for a page Haircut: under the length of the chin (bean). Bob is one of the most popular hairstyles of the season. The length on both sides is the same. The hairs at the back are slightly shorter and slightly milled, which makes the shape rounder.


hairstyles for medium hair 1. For every day

To disassemble the hair on the middle part, lay with a hair dryer through a round thick brush with locks, bending them inwards


2. Business meeting

The hair is wound back on medium-sized curlers. To comb back and lay hands with the help of modeling gel.


hairstyles for medium hair 3. Your favorite retro

On wet hair, apply a modeling gel and comb the comb back. The rib of the palm to form waves, and the tips of the front strands bend inside. Spray with varnish.


hairstyles for medium hair 4. Miss Coquetry

The ends of the hair should be laid out with a thin circular brush and a hair dryer (for dry hair you can use a curling iron). Secure the bent ends with a spray or varnish.


hairstyles for medium hair 5. Blasting ringlets

Hair thin strands are wound on forceps. After a thorough cooling, distribute the curls and fix it with a forming spray.

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