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how to properly cut nails

Our nails are a unique gift of nature. They perform many useful functions. For example, protect the fingertips from damage. Thanks to this protection, the pads of the fingers can remain the most sensitive and practical part of our body.

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For the female half of man's nails can still fulfill the role of fashionable decoration, harmoniously complementing the image.

Therefore, on our part, we simply have to keep the nails in order and observe the elementary rules of caring for them.

Healthy nails grow in the month by about 2-4 mm. The condition and appearance of the nails, as well as the speed of their growth directly depends on how correctly we cut them.

How correctly to cut nails?

A properly formed nail should be rounded, not causing discomfort when doing household chores.

The ideal shape for your nail will be exactly the one that exactly repeats the shape of your fingertips.

The shape of the nail should always be rounded, otherwise sharp edges can lead to ingrown nails or to excessive skin growths in the corners.

Do not cut your nails too short. The fingertips after a while will begin to expand, will take a rough shape. In addition, there is a risk of infecting the nail. The minimum length of the nail can be determined from the visible white rim at the very tips.

If you prefer to wear long nails, do not forget to regularly clean the skin under the nail - in this place is going to a record number of bacteria.

To cut nails is recommended by special manicure scissors. To get a smooth smooth line, grab the nail with the tips of the scissors and move in small steps. Thus the shape of the nail will be more accurate.

When to use nail tweezers?

In hard-to-reach places it is convenient to use tweezers.

If your nails have a complex shape or too wide a surface, the procedure for cutting nails for you is complicated. In order not to damage the skin and integrity of the nail, attach the lower edge of the tweezers to the bottom of the nail and begin to gently cut without pressing.

If you need to cut the ingrown nail into the skin, try using corner tweezers for manicure.

When can I cut my nails? Favorable days for the lunar calendar

That the nail plate grows strong and healthy, it is desirable to make a haircut of nails on favorable days. Nails will grow faster if they are cut off during the new moon period, or in the phase of the growing moon.

The most successful days for cutting nails will coincide with the lunar calendar of hair cutting.

Lunar calendar of manicure and pedicure by months, growing moon

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