Choose clothes for the figure type "Hourglass"

Choose clothes for the figure type "Hourglass"

type of figure Hourglass

If you have balanced proportions, the chest and thighs are approximately the same width, and the waist is clearly expressed and is about 75% of the thigh size, congratulations, you are the "Hourglass" (X-type) . You are a luxurious woman, your body is considered to be a symbol of femininity and motherhood.

If an X-type woman is gaining weight, then the size of the buttocks and thighs increases.

Your motto in clothes is "to emphasize femininity, to repeat the smooth curves of your silhouette." Therefore, adhere to the basic principle when choosing the style of clothing - the line of cut must repeat the bends of the figure. You will look great clothes that convey ease, fluidity, waviness. All additional accents and fabric structure should harmonize with each other, creating a single feminine and soft image.

General recommendations for the "Hourglass"

If you do not have excess weight, almost any clothing will suit you. Style you can also choose at will: sporty, romantic, or business - you will be able to any. But some tips still you will not hurt.

Tips on shaping: focus on your waist - wear bright belts with fashionable inserts. Decorative elements on the dress are desirable on the waist line. Suitable models with draperies diagonally. Shoulders should be narrow and inconspicuous, they can not be used at all. Choose models in which collars and lapels have rounded ends.

Fabrics and colors: Elastic, knitted, crocheted fabrics will look the best on you, they are light, fluid in structure. Choose the following fabrics: silk, linen, light woolen crepe, viscose, cotton. In monochrome clothes you will look more elegant and slimmer.

Accessories. Additional nuances of clothes should be refined, without rough details: shoes with almond-shaped, rather than pointy socks, handbag should be small and soft. Decorate the neckline with a delicate thread of pearls.

Fashion clothes for "Hourglass"

We offer several recommendations for choosing a style in clothes for an X-type figure.


The dress style should fit your chest and flow freely from your hips. You will like dresses in the form of a trapeze or dress with a belt. Remember that a monophonic dress will make you slimmer. Excellent will look at you narrow models of dresses with a skirt year, fitting figure.

You better not wear loose baggy clothes - it will spoil your beautiful figures and turn it into a rectangle. Avoid accents on the hips.

Tops, blouses, sweaters

In order to balance the top and bottom of the X-type figure, the top strapless or blouse with a deep neckline is perfect. To emphasize the waist will help adjacent T-shirts or blouses, as well as tops with a smell.

Do not wear things that do not emphasize your waistline. You do not like sweaters with a collar "yoke". If you have a magnificent chest, give up the cutout of the "boat".


You can safely wear mini skirts if you have slender legs. Your type of figure is favorably emphasized by skirt models with an overstated waist, and a pencil skirt.

Skirts in a horizontal strip or with a large pattern visually increase your buttocks, we recommend that they refuse.


The cut of trousers and skirts should repeat the silhouette of your flowing hips.

Choose jeans with a medium landing - this will allocate your waist and smooth the hips. Pants with a vertical strip visually extend the legs. The length of the trouser-capri should be up to the middle of the roe - so you will be slim and elegant.

Jeans with a low fit will make your thighs wider, we advise you to give them up. Attention to the hips are also patch pockets on the sides of the trousers, embroidery and additional details around the buttocks.


Jackets for the figure "X-type" should fit your silhouette and end on the hip. So you smooth the transition and look more elegant.


Here you should pay attention to the features of your figure.

  • For a small chest suit separate swimsuits. A good option is a bust in the form of triangles. You can pamper yourself with a zebra pattern or with flowers.

  • Almost all models of swimsuits are suitable for tall girls. Slim legs will help to emphasize a swimsuit with a high neckline.

  • Short legs can be visually extended with a bikini. Give up models with shorts.

  • Lush forms can also be adjusted a little by swimsuit, consisting, for example, of top and panties. Make sure that the top holds the chest well, otherwise it will appear saggy.

    So, in your wardrobe you need to have:

  • Tight and semi-fitting clothes

  • elastic, flowing fabrics.

  • Clothes with low and medium decollete

  • Dresses with underlined waist

    What you do not want to wear:

  • Formless, baggy clothes.

  • Too tight fitting.

  • Cutout boat (exception - small chest)

  • Very tight trousers

  • Heavy heavy fabrics will fill you up

  • Clear patterns on fabrics such as bright bands, cells and geometric motifs.

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