What color are the clothes for you?

So, you have defined your color-type and now we turn to the most interesting - we choose your individual style.

clothes for spring coloring

Image and style in clothes for the color-type Spring

The image of a woman - spring radiates heat, sun and tenderness. When creating a harmonious image, one must follow the rules dictated by nature itself. Your colors in clothing - sunny orange, emerald, coral ...

clothes for fall color

Image and style in clothes for color-type Autumn

Autumn color - the warmest and most cozy. Therefore, in the clothing of bright autumn women should prevail velvet, velor and warm saturated shades of red, brown, orange ...

summer clothes

Image and style in clothes for the color-type Summer

Representatives of the color-type Leto in our latitudes are the majority. The Woman-Summer possesses smoky-blond or ashy hair, and as a rule, a cold gray or blue shade of eyes. The ideal colors in the clothes will be gray, blue, silver ...

clothes for winter color-type

Image and style in clothes for the color-type Winter

Representatives of winter color - bright, contrasting and unique people. Snow-white facial skin often comes into contrast with the bright dark color of the hair. Your ideal colors - bright, contrasting, rich, catchy. Royal blue is your main highlight ...

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